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Video: Virginia House of Delegates Convenes, Swears in New Members, Elects Kirk Cox Speaker


And the 2018 Virginia legislative session is off and running…new members, new Speaker, soon a new Governor, and hopefully some good new legislation. We’ll see on the latter, but Speaker Kirk Cox certainly sounded like he wants to make a closely divided House of Delegates work. We’ll see…I wish him well in making that happen! (photos by Democratic super-activist Cindy Cunningham)

  • from the VA House Democratic Caucus:

    House Dems Achieve Recorded Subcommittee Votes, Proportional Representation on Committees
    RICHMOND, Va. – The Virginia House Democratic Caucus today achieved two significant victories for the people of Virginia by negotiating an agreement with Republicans that resulted in recorded subcommittee votes and proportional representation on committees.

    “For years, House Republicans have killed critical pieces of progressive legislation through unrecorded voice votes, including bills on paid family leave, full-day kindergarten, college affordability, raising the minimum wage, voting rights and campaign finance reform, said House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring. “That era is over, and we welcome a new era of accountability and governance that is more reflective of last year’s election results.

    The Washington Post Editorial Board last year published an editorial that noted “Too much legislation dies a silent death in Virginia.”

    • Esther Ferington

      Very pleased to see proportional representation.

  • Harry

    Congrats to the new Prince William County Delegation. The most significant happening on day 1: recording the subcommittee votes. Bet the Rs will be a little more careful with thier votes. Will be interesting to see how the new speaker acts, in the past he was noted for being mean spirited.