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More Disgusting, but Sadly Predictable, Behavior by Virginia Republicans


Another day in the Virginia General Assembly means…yep, more disgusting (but 100% predictable) behavior by Virginia Republicans, who have spent this entire session so far killing great legislation and pushing bad legislation. See below for examples from today, and don’t forget this stuff next year, when we need to oust as many of these @#$!$@ers as possible.

4 Men Who Have Never Given Birth Kill State Paid Family Leave Bill
Republican Delegates Buck Speaker Cox on Support For Paid Leave for State Employees

Richmond, VA—Disregarding their party leader’s public declaration in support of paid family leave for state employees, Republican male Delegates Poindexter, Ingram, Rush, and Garrett this afternoon killed HB1598 (Sickles). The Republican men ignored not only the Speaker of the House of Delegates but also a recent JLARC report requested by the legislature on state employees’ benefits package. That report recommended the commonwealth increase the state employee benefit package in order to recruit and retain qualified employees.

“Anyone who works hard should be able to raise and care for a family with dignity. But too many workers don’t see their hard work honored with the ability to take paid time off to welcome a new child, care for a sick family member, or take care of a health emergency. Unfortunately, 4 men who work full time while receiving generous benefits from the state chose to deny state employees the very same parental leave Speaker Cox has granted to the employees of the House of Delegates. The hypocrisy is simply staggering.”

A similar proposal from Republican Delegate Kathy Byron (HB994) has not been scheduled for a hearing. In December, House Speaker Kirk Cox announced his support for a paid family leave policy for state employees while releasing his intentions to implement the policy for employees of the House of Delegates. That action was implemented in January. With this action from the GOP members of the House Appropriations Compensation and Retirement Subcommittee, House of Delegates employees may receive 12 week of paid parental leave, unlike other state employees.

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    • Anthony Shifflett

      Predictable. Have to keep trying…

    • RobertColgan

      It all get clear at the video’s end when the FEAR of POTENTIAL financial LO$$ from having given the power to sue to the now disenfranchised homos grabs the Republicans by the short hairs.
      The Rs not just moral cowards —– greedy mofos.

  • Harry

    Nothing will change until the 2020 session when Ds take control. Tim Hug(e)o must be the #1 target.

  • ameri…canwork

    Poor Kathy Byron,
    When will you all run her and Newman out of town for standing by while payroll, tax and insurance fraud run unabated in their Districts.

    Rogue Subcontractors Undermine Va’s Legal Workforce by Kenric Ward watchdog.org
    How will they handle HB1106 Employee Misclassification to Attorney General?
    #Represent or Resign