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With 1,000 Votes Exactly, Final Results of VA-05 Dems Poll: Cockburn 41.3%, Huffstetler 40.2%, Sneathern 13.2%, Cullop 5.3%


And now for a poll on VA-05. The Democrats running are: Leslie Cockburn, Ben Cullop, RD Huffstetler and Andrew Sneathern. Note that this nomination will be decided by a caucuses/convention method, which makes it unique in Virginia this year. Whoever the nominee will take on Rep. Tom Garrett (Hard-right R).

P.S. I really want to see one of these polls hit 1,000 votes; so far, though, VA-10 and VA-07 petered out (e.g., almost nobody else voting, candidate percentages staying about the same) around 650 votes. We’ll see about this one…

UPDATE 9:16 pm Thursday — Cool, we finally made it to (exactly) 1,000 votes in one of these (non-scientific, mostly-for-fun) polls! So I’m shutting this one down with the race basically a dead heat between Leslie Cockburn (41.3%) and RD Huffstetler (40.2%); Andrew Sneathern and Ben Cullop trailing, with 13.2% and 5.3%, respectively. Thanks for participating, and may the best candidate win!

  • Michael Hammond

    I doubt Andrew Sneathern would be in second place if more people knew he defended two violent rapists in court by choice. He talks about helping women who have been victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault, but he’s a hypocrite. Doesn’t matter how many women he says he helped when he is the reason two rapists roam free in our community. Any candidate is better than Andrew Sneathern.

  • Kiri Clark

    It’s upsetting to see Andrew Sneathern in second place. He defended two violent rapists in court, but constantly brings up how much he supports and how much he’s done for victims of domestic assault and sexual abuse. It’s so hypocritical. He defended a man that sodomized 3 women and the “graduation rapist” by choice and the two rapists are free because of him. You can’t say you support survivors and call it your “passion” in a dailykos post while having simultaneously defended rapists. If he’s willing to mislead the public and is fine with protecting rapists, then he is not the kind of candidate that deserves my vote.

    • Kenneth Ferland

      I’ve never know any public defendant who had a choice is who they defended, can you clarify or provide some source material about these events? Acting as a deference attorney is not an evil thing, everyone deserves competent legal council no matter what crime they are accused of. Also if these folks were not convicted you can’t call them rapists, they were accused before the trial and are now acquitted.

      • God b watching U

        Exactly. The Charlottesville Public Defender just SUCCESSFULLY defended a (former) police officer who admitted that he had sex while on the job (and later off duty) with a woman (apparently a woman but I haven’t gone around the room to hear who claim of gender identity) that the jury – reported as 6 men and 6 women. ‘Kiri Clark’ is apparently unable to understand PROFESSIONALISM. ‘Kiri’ apparently believes that if a doctor should be able to REFUSE to treat you if they don’t like something that you said or did. Or that the dietitian in the nursing home should NOT prepare the food that you require if they don’t like something you said of did. ‘Kiri”s opinion sound like the sort of ELITE A-HOLE IDEOLOGY going around Charlottesville that opposes ‘rule of law’, and hates Constitutional ‘rights’ that you have even if Kiri doesn’t like you.

        • Kiri Clark

          Sneathern wasn’t an appointed public defender he was their defense attorney. He wasn’t court appointed and worked for a private firm. He didn’t need to take on the case. So you’re mistaken about that. In the Chris Dumler case there was a plea deal that allowed Dumler to not have to register as a sex offender and it prevented two other accusers from pressing charges. So he was found guilty. Also he’s now a fugitive. With the graduation rapist he was already found guilty of raping and almost killing his sister’s college roommate. Sneathern defended him after he was released from jail after being found guilty. Once out of jail he started stalking a woman with ill-intent and Sneathern chose to take on his case. He had donated to Dumler’s campaign before the allegations. He took on the case because they knew one another, not because he was an appointed public defender– because he wasn’t a public defender. You can find all this out on your own online. You’ll find that I’m correct. I’ll leave it at that.

          • Ugh, Dumler…that guy is BAD news.

          • Andre Hakes

            Whoah, whoah, whoah. Stop right there, Kiri.

            1. Sneathern was also a prosecutor for years. When your’e a prosecutor, you prosecute. When you’re a defender, you defend. He has considerable experience doing both. I have personally tried cases against him when he was prosecuting, (including where he was prosecuting child sex offenses), and worked as co-counsel with him on the defense side (including on the Dumler case, which you don’t know sh** about). He’s an excellent attorney any way you slice it.

            2. It is not the job of a defense attorney to personally pass judgment on a client, and decide if they are “worthy” of representation. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say you have a right to counsel unless you are guilty. Ethically, it is the right thing to put aside your personal feelings about a client or a set of facts, and Do Your Job. When an attorney cannot do that, it’s a weakness, not a strength, and that attorney needs to get out of the case to protect the rights of the accused, and to protect the functioning of the system as a whole.

            3. Defense attorneys do not know when they take a case whether or not the client “did it”. They have to investigate the case like anyone else, and you can’t get much information about the case until you’ve entered an appearance as counsel of record for the Defendant. Sometimes you don’t even know if the client “did it” when the trial is over.

            4. Media coverage of a case rarely gets the whole story right. You cannot really judge something by what you read in the papers. There’s no justice in that. You can’t even morally judge by what you watch in court — there’s all kinds of information the different players have which is not admissible, or not offered, in court.

            5. Perhaps the most important job of defense attorneys is to protect EVERYONE’S civil rights by putting the state to their proof before a person’s liberty can be taken, and by holding the state accountable when they break the rules. Without defense attorneys doing that job, day in and day out, often against significant social and political blowback, we would live in even more of a police state than we already do.

          • Kiri Clark

            You’re really missing the point, Andre. When Sneathern uses his history of defending women that have been victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault ad nauseum as part of his platform for being elected, then he is lying by omission to constituents by not revealing that he has also defended rapists by choice. If this were truly his “passion” as he says it is, he would never even consider defending these violent rapists. He is not on our side as he so falsely claims to be in an effort to gain the support of women voters.

            In his own words:
            “but my passion was in prosecuting domestic violence and sexual assault cases…”

      • Exactly; did Sneathern do anything other than what his job requires him to do?

  • Kenneth Ferland

    I’m a supporter of Cockburn and think she will be the winner at the convention due to better campaign which has directly reached the local activist party base. Huffstetler strikes me as unwilling to make any firm positions on issues and is running a resume campaign. I’m surprised to see him leading in this poll given the feel I have on the ground. In either case Cockburn/Huffstetler are the only ones with a chance to win, Cullop and Sneathern are too far behind now in fund raising and will almost certainly be the first two eliminated at the convention.

    • Pretty sure he’s leading in this poll because Adam Parkhomenko has 184k Twitter followers and keeps pushing them to vote for him. šŸ˜‰

      • Kenneth Ferland

        Ah interesting, I see the results have moved significantly towards Cockburn now. If the RD lead was due to a single twitter flood (21 hours ago according to Twitter) then it makes sense, his share was front loaded.

        This Parkhomenko guy looks to be a firmly Clinton/New Democrat aligned, which is also the affiliation of the Massachusetts rep that RD was chief of staff for so I’ve more convinced then ever that I have correctly placed RD on the ideological map. Meanwhile Cockburns calls herself a Progressive and has gotten the big name progressive endorsements. So the the race is shaping up along the usual New Democrat/Progressive lines that have characterized most recent Democratic Nominations.

        The caucus process certainly favors a progressive candidate and neutralizes a good deal of the money advantage and establishment support RD started with. My perception was that RD ran as if their was going to be a primary that he would sail through on name recognition through media expenditures. This was a strategic misstep on his part he has now lost the initiative in the Caucus to someone who got into the race much later.

        This kind of mistake lowers my confidence that RD can run a flexible and responsive campaign in November.

      • Doris Gelbman

        as I said. entirely meaningless poll — too easy to game.

  • Doris Gelbman

    This is a completely bogus poll and the results are meaningless. At a minimum, it is an entirely self selected sample and very easy to game.

    • LibertarianDemocrat

      Of course a poll like this isn’t scientific. It’s for fun. No need to freak out.

      • Doris Gelbman

        who’s freaking out?

        • LibertarianDemocrat

          Maybe “freaking out” isn’t the best phrase. Maybe I should have said “no need to point out the very, very obvious.”

  • LibertarianDemocrat


    RD Huffstetler is mentioned here as VA’s Conor Lamb. I’ve spent a lot of time in the rural 5th, and I think this guy can win with the right support! Give the article a read!

    • Rick

      RD’s isn’t VA’s Conor Lamb.

      Conor was raised in the district he now represents and went to college at a PA school. RD did neither. He was born in NC, went to college in GA and only recently moved to Charlottesville. There’s a lot of people here in South Virginia who view him as a carpetbagger or another spoiled guy who moved here from CA and out of touch with the rural part of our district.

  • Anon

    It’s funny to me that the two carpetbagging candidates resonating the least with rural voters lead in this poll.

  • Anon

    It’s funny to me that the two candidates who are resonating the least with rural Virginians are leading this poll. Hufstettler is a carpetbagger and Cockburn is a self-funder pressuring local committees left and right to do her bidding.

  • BuckDem

    He wanted a primary because that would favor him – he could win just by running up the vote in places like Charlottesville, Fauquier, and Danville and completely bypass us in the rural districts. At least we have more of a say through a delegate caucus.