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Friday News: Comey’s “Devastating Tell-All Book” Says “Trump Fixated on Disproving Lewd Dossier Allegations”; “Regulatory board cracks open door for more review of pipeline projects”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, April 13.

  • Dan Helmer continues to press this concealed carry reciprocity issue. I wonder if it will gain traction…

    Helmer Campaign Calls on Congresswoman Comstock & State Senator Wexton to End Support of Reciprocal Concealed Carry Laws

    Sterling, VA – Today, the Helmer Campaign responded to State Senator Wexton’s assertions Wednesday that efforts to highlight her mixed record on gun safety were “grasping and false” and an attempt to “cherry-pick” her record. During a Tuesday evening candidate forum, Helmer noted Wexton’s support of Virginia’s 2016 expansion of concealed carry reciprocity.

    “At the national level, the NRA has made reciprocal concealed carry their number one priority, and Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has obliged them by co-sponsoring H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act,” said Helmer. “We need representatives who will stand up to the NRA’s top priority.”

    Helmer went on to provide his criticism of Wexton’s vote for what Everytown for Gun Safety called a “gift to the gun lobby.” Helmer said, “From a policy perspective, the main problem with this bill is that it reduces Virginia’s concealed carry regulations to those of the states with the most relaxed regulations. For example, there are states where you can be a convicted stalker, or convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, and still get a concealed carry permit. With concealed carry reciprocity, those people can now get a permit in Virginia as well.

    Furthermore, gun safety advocates were left out of the discussion. Leadership sometimes involves compromise, but to do that well, you need to have the right people at the table. The voices of gun safety advocates were not heard when this was being drafted. They were not heard until after it was passed – and their response was uniformly negative. We need representatives who are going to listen to gun safety groups and bring them to the table, not keep them in the dark until it’s too late.”

    The Helmer campaign also noted that the concealed carry reciprocity vote was just one of about a dozen votes the State Senator has taken in favor of making it easier to carry a weapon, including one that sought to end fees for concealed carry permits and another that allowed for the carrying of a gun in a glove box.

    Dan Helmer, a Rhodes Scholar, West Point graduate, and bronze star recipient who served in Iraq and Afghanistan has pledged to put “people before politics, country before party, and service before self.” He has been “in the trenches” fighting for this country and this district for years, and will continue to fight for our safety as a Member of Congress.

  • Pragmatic Progressive

    Anyone want to bet that Sinclair tells their ABC affiliates not to air Comey’s interview on Sunday night?

  • Andy Schmookler

    The Republican b.s. gets so tiresome. And the infrequency of obvious rejoinders to expose the b.s. can be disappointing.

    I’m thinking of the Republican line, heard from McConnell and others, by which they deflect the call to pass legislation to protect Special Prosecutor Mueller from Trump.

    The line is along the lines, “I don’t think that will be necessary.” Perhaps there have been slap-backs to say the obvious, but I haven’t heard them.

    The obvious retort is: “If you’re right, there’s no harm done in passing a protective measure that wasn’t necessary. But if you’re wrong, there’s plenty of harm in failing to pass it. So your stupid line is no reason at all not to pass such a measure.”

    (Another b.s. line that I thought should have been slammed every time it was uttered was when the Republicans, regarding the issue of climate change, would say, “I’m no scientist.” That was supposed to be a way of not having to have an opinion, or to do anything, about climate change. But of course that’s nonsense. If you’re not an expert, then your obligation as a member of Congress is to hear and heed what the experts say.)

    Dishonesty and the dishonest nonsense the Rs continually employ should be rendered non-viable by mockery or denunciation every time it’s used.

  • Connolly Statement on President Trump’s Pardon of Scooter Libby

    Fairfax, VA –Congressman Gerald E. Connolly, Vice Ranking Member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, released the following statement on President Trump’s decision to pardon Scooter Libby:

    “First, Sheriff Arpaio. Now, President Trump pardons Scooter Libby. This is a perversion of the pardon power and an instrument for obstruction of justice. The President is sending a clear signal to others that he will reward obstruction of justice. This is a sad moment for our democracy and justice system.”

  • Corey Stewart taunts #NeverTrumpNick (Freitas) – hahahahaha



    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees, released the following statement after President Trump launched airstrikes against Syria without seeking approval from Congress:

    “President Trump’s decision to launch airstrikes against the Syrian government without Congress’s approval is illegal and – absent a broader strategy – it’s reckless. Last week, President Trump was adamant that the U.S. was leaving Syria imminently. This week, he is opening a new military front. Assad must face consequences for his war crimes, but Presidents cannot initiate military action when there isn’t an imminent threat to American lives. Today, it’s a strike on Syria – what’s going to stop him from bombing Iran or North Korea next? The last thing Congress should be doing is giving this President a blank check to wage war against anyone, anywhere. We need to put clear limits in place before he starts another war, and I’m working to do just that.”

    For years, Kaine has been outspoken about Presidents’ efforts to expand the use of military force without congressional authorization. In December, Kaine wrote a letter to the Trump Administration requesting information on U.S. strategy in Syria, expressing concern over reports that the U.S. military might now be used to pressure the Syrian government, target Iran and its proxies, and engage other entities not covered under the 2001 AUMF. In January, Kaine spoke out against the Trump Administration’s decision to keep U.S. troops in Syria beyond the counter-ISIS mission and in February, he raised concerns again over recent U.S. airstrikes absent a clear strategy. Kaine has repeatedly demanded that the Trump Administration release a secret memo that, according to reports, the Administration has created detailing the legal basis for airstrikes last April against the Shayrat military airbase in Syria. He has yet to receive a response.


    ~ On missile strikes in Syria ~

    WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA), Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, issued the following statement on the U.S. airstrikes against Syria:

    “I watched the President’s speech tonight, and my thoughts are with the men and women in uniform who are in harm’s way. I look forward to receiving more details from the Administration about the targets and strategic goals of these strikes. While the U.S. and our allies must not turn a blind eye to Assad’s vile and inhumane attacks against his own citizens, military action in Syria must be measured, as part of a coherent strategy to prevent Assad from using chemical weapons without further destabilizing an already-volatile region or inadvertently expanding the conflict.”