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Audio: Leslie Cockburn Discusses Her Book on the Covert U.S.-Israel Relationship; Denver Riggleman as Tom Garrett’s “Twin”; the “Unnecessary” Pipelines; etc.


See below for audio from this morning’s interview with 5th CD Democratic nominee Leslie Cockburn on the Virginia Talk Radio Network. Regarding the bull****, ginned-up (by the Virginia GOP, which itself is led by a guy who was excoriated for publicly telling an anti-Semitic “joke!”) “controversy” over Cockburn’s book on the U.S.-Israel covert relationship, Cockburn says (bolding added by me for emphasis):

We have a relationship that is very enduring with Israel; of course the U.S. should support Israel. And that book, by the way, that was written 27 years ago, was a work of journalism that was very much appreciated in Israel. It was serialized in one of the biggest papers, Ma’ariv and written about in Ha’aretz. It got a rave review in the Chicago Tribune and the Irish Times called it brilliant. It was a very interesting book about the covert relationship between the intelligence agencies and the military…things that we don’t normally get to know about…This is very ancient history and it’s all journalism, has NOTHING to do with anti-Semitism. You know, the Republicans threw that out because they were worried that Congressman Tom Garrett had been so close to – literally next to – Jason Kessler in the famous photograph of the two of them in [Garrett’s] office…Kessler was the organizer of the rally last August 12 in Charlottesville. So that’s how that all came up, and they’re sticking with it.”

Also check out the rest of the interview for Cockburn’s comments on the damage Trump’s budding trade war is doing to the agricultural sector in the 5th Congressional District of Virginia; the harm the Trump administration is doing to health care; Trump calling immigrants (NOT just MS-13, as the clearly Trump-loving interviewer tries to argue) “animals”; GOP nominee Denver Riggleman as “Tom [Garrett]’s twin”; the pipelines as “unnecessary” and “invading a lot of fantastic farms, a big tourist industry in Nelson County…an African freedman community in Buckingham…for no return to Virginians”; making community college free for all Virginians; the “school-to-prison pipeline” as a result of insufficient funding for special education, counselors, etc., not anything wrong with the students (as the interviewer seems to be implying).

  • Michael Beer

    She is anti-Semitic in that she is anti-Palestinian and supports an apartheid state. But the idea that she is anti-Jewish is nonsense.

    • Kenneth Ferland

      I see no evidence that Cockburn supports apartheid aka the status quo right now, nearly all democrats, especially progressives support a 2 state solution, do you have a link that would clarify this?

      • Michael Beer

        That is a fair question. The 2 state solution was plausible and defensible 20 years ago. Advocacy for a 2 state solution is now used as a pretense of false equivalency to divert attention from the fact that Palestinians in Israel are 2nd class citizens as evidenced by the Knesset’s refusal to accept a simple piece of legislation this week to give all citizens equal rights in Israel. Cockburn justifiably criticizes the treatment of “3rd class” Palestinians in the open-air prisons of Gaza and West Bank by the Israeli state…and Palestinian Authority. The positions of Cockburn and Democrats on Israel need to evolve as decades of religious extremist policies have moved Israel into a disturbing place.

        • Kenneth Ferland

          Ah I see where your coming from, indeed the Israeli right-wing has been playing lip service to 2 state solution while doing everything in their power to destroy the very possibility of it on the ground. But that doesn’t mean Democrats are disingenuous in their belief that that 2 states is what should happen, and they desperately hope that it’s not too late.

          Cause even Palestinians are getting tired of 2 state solution as the state they would get is increasing non-viable assuming it were to ever happen, many are simply saying they want representation IN the one state that actually exists. And this would force Israel to choose between its Jewish majority and being a democracy.