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Video: Not Even Sworn In Yet, Congressman-Elect Ben Cline Makes Play for Worst Member from Virginia


I realize that VA-06 is a deep-red district, but…seriously? They elected far-right nutjob Ben Cline over the amazing, talented, brilliant Jennifer Lewis??? Check out the following interview, this morning, on Trumpster radio, in which among other things Cline:

  • Ranted against Planned Parenthood funding
  • Over and over again said the name of (right-wing uber-villain) “Nancy Pelosi,” who he falsely/laughably claimed is part of “the swamp” (dude, look at the wildly corrupt Trump administration!)
  • Falsely claimed that the Mueller investigation is not “fair”
  • Falsely claimed that “during the previous administration…there was a concerted effort by the administration to stop Donald Trump during the campaign and help elect Hillary Clinton.”
  • Said he wants to get onto the Judiciary Committee to “stand up for the rule of law and stand up for conservative values and the Second Amendment, the right to life, and make sure that people like Sheila Jackson-Lee who are senior members of that committee are not going to just be able to shred the Constitution.”
  • Said he’d like to shut down a lot of government agencies “permanently.”
  • Said his #1 priority in Congress is “to stop Nancy Pelosi from implementing her agenda.” Yep, that’s his #1 priority – not helping people, not protecting the environment, not defending our nation, etc., but stopping Nancy Pelosi. Kinda like when Mitch McConnell said his #1 priority was that President Obama should “fail.”
  • Said that Pelosi is “dangerous,” that she’s “the daughter of Baltimore politician…that Baltimore style…is a hard-edged style.” WTF?
  • Mangled the name of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (he called her “Erasco-Cortez” or something)
  • Falsely claimed that “environmental regulations…are killing businesses and jobs.”
  • Said we “have to build the wall” and (falsely) claims that Trump is doing a great job vis-a-vis the “caravan.”

In sum, if you thought Bob Goodlatte was bad(latte), wait ’til you see his successor, Ben Cline. Yikes.

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