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Video: McAuliffe Eviscerates Cuccinelli on Child Support, Violence Against Women Act

by: lowkell

Thu Aug 29, 2013 at 15:26:12 PM EDT

From the forum earlier today in Arlington, check out the video of Terry McAuliffe ripping Ken Cuccinelli a well-deserved "new one" for being an extremist nutjob.
...Virginia has to be a Commonwealth that is open to businesses and welcoming to all. I talk to business leaders from both parties every single day. I constantly hear that politicians focusing on a social, ideological agenda is not helpful for business. We cannot keep putting walls up around Virginia by attacking women's rights, scientists, or gay Virginians. This is a fundamental difference in this race. I know we need to focus on the economy...Ken Cuccinelli has shown that he will spend his time in office on a social, divisive, ideological battles...that have defined his career.

[The Washington Post report this morning] was shocking. It detailed his ties to a radical group that fought against adequate child support because they think it is quote punitive unquote to men...and contend that men are frequently victimized by false allegations of domestic abuse unquote. According to the Washington Post, my opponent even took the unusual step of handling the private case for a leader in these groups while he was sitting Attorney General. Ken Cuccinelli has worked to implement their agenda on trying to restrict women's health care rights...Quote Cuccinelli was also the long Senate vote against legislation to increase child support payments by tying them more closely to inflation unquote. Opposing adequate child support is inexplicable and it's just plain wrong...

...Why would you introduce legislation that would punish people who want to get out of a bad marriage?...Cuccinelli was one of three [Attorneys General] who did not sign [a letter to Congress urging lawmakers to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act]. My opponent still won't explain what he dislikes so much about the Violence Against Women Act, but that group he is tied to believes that many women make up claims of domestic abuse.

During this campaign, there are many issues where Ken Cuccinelli and I have disagreed, and on some of them, I can at least understand his position, even if I don't agree with it. But the positions laid out today in the Washington Post on child support, the Violence Against Women Act and on family law is just beyond my comprehension, and I believe beyond the comprehension of most Virginians...

...Ken Cuccinelli's social agenda is more than just extreme, it is bad for business. The Republican Lt. Governor said just this week, quote, he is a rigid ideologue who thrives on conflict and confrontation...Virginia simply can not afford to have their leaders pursuing their own rigid ideological agenda...

The truth hurts.
lowkell :: Video: McAuliffe Eviscerates Cuccinelli on Child Support, Violence Against Women Act
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Consumer Energy Alliance? (0.00 / 0)
We may agree or disagree with the statements that Terry McAuliffe made this morning but this was an Energy Forum sponsored by the Consumer Energy Alliance.  It would have been more valuable to hear what Terry had to say about his energy policy and how it contrasts with that of Ken Cuccinelli than to see and hear a repeat of what has been Terry's major argument in this race.  Despite what some people believe, the candidates positions on energy, jobs, the economy, transportation, education and healthcare are important to the voters.  

And It Would Be Great if the Alliance Represented Consumers (0.00 / 0)
As I noted this morning:

Look for your advocate among the Consumer Energy Alliance Board of Directors. Can't find mine.

Terry afforded the "Alliance" its due.

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This was announced as an Energy Forum ..... (0.00 / 0)
I would assume that Terry McAuliffe accepted the invitation to participate in this Forum with the understanding that Energy policy was the subject to be discussed.  I would further say that it is no surprise that the Board of Directors of an organization sponsoring an Energy Forum would consist of executives and leaders of the energy sector of our economy.  What relevance does that have to what would be discussed at the Forum?  The candidates were supposed to explain and defend their views on energy issues.  For Terry to use this Forum as just another opportunity to give his stump speech is not giving the Alliance "its due".  It just says to me that Terry appeared not have an Energy policy that he wanted to talk about.

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Well Then Pot Meet Kettle (0.00 / 0)
The same can be said of Cuccinelli's "laser focus" on energy in his delivery.  

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I was there, and actually.... (0.00 / 0)
...while both McAuliffe and Cuccinelli largely spent their time going after each other in their statements, in the Q&A sessions, McAuliffe stayed focus on energy, while Cuccinelli kept attacking Terry (falsely, I'd add - almost every word Cuccinelli said was either blatantly false or highly misleading). So...even when Cooch talked about energy, it was pretty much the Big Lie. For instance, see video below, which I'll be debunking later, and note his wildly false assertions (and wild red herrings) on Renewable Portfolio Standards. For example, he cites a study by the "Kansas Policy Institute" about Kansas enacting a mandatory RPS and supposedly seeing dire consequences follow. Well, guess who the "Kansas Policy Institute" is.
The Kansas Policy Institute (KPI) is a "free market" think tank, one of many listed as members of the State Policy Network (SPN). Both KPI and SPN are members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). KPI founded Kansas Reporter, now an affiliate of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.[1]...

...Franklin Center Director of Communications Michael Moroney told the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) in 2013 that the source of the Franklin Center's funding "is 100 percent anonymous." But 95 percent of its 2011 funding came from DonorsTrust, a spin-off of the Philanthropy Roundtable that functions as a large "donor-advised fund," cloaking the identity of donors to right-wing causes across the country (CPI did a review of Franklin's Internal Revenue Service records).[10] Mother Jones called DonorsTrust "the dark-money ATM of the conservative movement" in a February 2013 article.[11] Franklin received DonorTrust's second-largest donation in 2011.[10]

The Franklin Center also receives funding from the Wisconsin-based Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation,[12] a conservative grant-making organization.[13]

The Franklin Center was launched by the Chicago-based Sam Adams Alliance (SAM),[14] a 501(c)(3) devoted to pushing free-market ideals. SAM gets funding from the State Policy Network,[15] which is partially funded by The Claude R. Lambe Foundation.[16] Charles Koch, one of the billionaire brothers who co-own Koch Industries, sits on the board of this foundation.[17] SAM also receives funding from the Rodney Fund.

Meanwhile, I just saw this article yesterday: Study: Kansas ranks sixth in nation for creation of green-energy jobs. So...Cooch was citing a Koch-and-other-fossil-interests-funded "study" which was wildly, laughably wrong. Keep in mind that his ENTIRE PRESENTATION was like that. More later...

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The "Consumer Energy Alliance" is a farce.... (0.00 / 0) I detailed here. I'm very happy with how Terry handled it yesterday, given who and what this group is.

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