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Meg Whitman’s Fake Town Hall


E-Bay auctioneer CEO and billionaire Meg Whitman is trying to buy the governorship of California with many millions of her own money.  This week we learned about the extent she will go to do that.  It turns out that Meg Whitman produced a fake town hall to use in lieu of a real one for an info-mercial.  The whole thing was staged. She planted attendees, planted questions, and even planted the cheering, as the video below the fold shows.

Here are a few morsels from the San Francisco Chronicle. Read more here and here.

A funny thing happened when Camp Whitman was filming its 30-minute info-mercial last night in Orange County. Oh, besides stuff like covert filming by her opponents, cops being called, crowd screening and Meg goosing the audience for applause.

A tracker found evidence of Whitman telling her “fans” to applaud.  

How fake was this effort by Whitman?  It was so fake that a tracker with an invitation was told he could not enter and the police were called.  Consider how differently the GOP tracker was treated at Creigh Deeds’ events! Here Meg ducks her own press conference. How dumb does she think Americans and Californians are?

So, Meg Whitman is as fake as John Boehner’s tan.  From the current governor, an actor who found himself unable to govern, to one current GOP candidate, the California GOP is  out of gas, just like the national Republicans.  The actor-Terminator has driven California into the ground.  Now an auction-site CEO, who’s as phony as a live-auction caller, runs with more empty theatrics. If she must produce fake town halls and cannot be subject to scrutiny, Meg Whitman isn’t fit to govern.  


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