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“Offshore Myth Busting”


Great post by Peter Galuszka of Bacon’s Rebellion, “Offshore Myth Busting.” Here’s the conclusion:

So, McDonnell and Obama should ask themselves, “What’s it going to be for Virginia?” Obama says there will be no new offshore drilling until a thorough study is made of Deepwater Horizon. That’s cold comfort.

As for McDonnell, he might want to knock off the idiotic “plane crash” excuse and consider that Big Oil with its Big Money would not be the only industry along Virginia’s coast that he’s sworn to protect. Consider the fishing, tourism and commercial shipping sectors, not to mention the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard which use offshore Virginia waters and pump in billions to the state’s economy. That’s right here, right now. Not sometime off in 2020.

So true. Unfortunately, the chances of Bob McDonnell having the interest or the brain cells to comprehend Peter Galuszka’s article are minimal.

P.S. Also, see Miles Grant’s Twitter feed for updates from the Gulf Coast, where he is covering the oil spill for the National Wildlife Federation.


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