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Fimian: “Thank you for those who died that we might live on Sept 11th”


We always knew Keith Fimian belonged to an extremist group that opposes contraception and “advocates submission of women,” but this takes it to another level of lunacy.

Thu 9/9-Gerry Connolly Day! (Please feel free to pray for any other favorite Democrats as well!)

Psalm 5:10  Let them fall by their own counsels; cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions; for they have rebelled against Thee.

Dear Heavenly Father, We thank you that you are a just God. We pray that the wrong actions of Gerry Connolly will be proclaimed to the public. That people will see the real man for who he is.

Fri 9/10 Please open the eyes of all the Independents in Virginia’s 11th District. Help them to know and recognize truth.

Sat 9/12 Thank you for those who died that we might live on Sept 11th. 2001. Please bless their families who have suffered. Give us great weather and strengthen all volunteers to reach new voters.

Sun 9/13 Bless Keith with favor as he worships You in church. Please build a stronger base of support.   AMEN!

Whoa, wait a minute here: Keith Fimian is thanking God for the violent deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans (“that we might live”) on 9/11?!?  How on earth is that? Need I remind Keith Fimian that hese people were people with families, going about their lives, working at their desks, and murdered in cold blood by Al Qaeda terrorists? In what conceivable moral universe should we be thanking god for their deaths? And following it up with a prayer for “great weather?” How tasteless, crass, insensitive and crazy can Keith Fimian be? And before you say this is just a partisan attack on Keith Fimian by a Democratic blogger, I strongly urge you to ask a few elected Republicans in the 11th CD and see what they think. From what I understand, they’re not too pleased with Fimian for this either.

P.S. I’d also point out that if an elected Democrat – Gerry Connolly, Jim Moran, whoever – said something like this, Republican bloggers (and Bill O’Reilly, etc.) would be going nuts!

UPDATE: I’m trying hard to be charitable here — perhaps this is just really, really poorly worded, and Fimian meant to thank the first responders on 9/11? If so, I agree with him, but this certainly was not the way to go about doing that, especially in such a ham-handed, sloppy, poorly-written way, and certainly not grouped together with prayers for good weather, prayers against Gerry Connolly, admonitions not to forward this to “Independents or Democrats,” etc., etc.

h/t: Not Larry Sabato


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