Roanoke Times Withdraws Endorsement of Greg Habeeb


    Of course, as we pointed out Wednesday, the liberal Roanoke Times editorial board never should have endorsed a hard-right conservative like Greg Habeeb in the first place, but I’m glad to see they’ve belatedly come to their senses.

    Greg Habeeb, the Republican candidate in the Jan. 11 special election for the House of Delegates in Salem, western Roanoke County and Southwest Roanoke County, has signed a “no tax increase” pledge.

    During our editorial board interview, Habeeb also said this: “Authenticity in a politician is very rare and very valuable.” That’s true. Which is why it is so disappointing to catch Habeeb telling us one thing then turning around and doing the exact opposite days before the election.

    As a result of that blatant display of inauthenticity, we hereby withdraw our endorsement of Habeeb in the 8th District.

    Wow, what a concept, a right-wing Republican tells a liberal editorial board whatever it takes to convince them that he’s not so bad, is actually quite reasonable, blah blah blah. Amazingly, the liberal editorial board falls for it, then is shocked – SHOCKED! – that the right wingnut is not “authentic” after all. And people wonder why the legacy media is going out of business? Duhhhhh.

    P.S. To find out more about the Democrat in the race, click here.


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