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Reagan Budget Director: “Absolutely” Raise Taxes, Like Reagan Did


President Reagan’s budget director, David Stockman, is right in what he’s saying here, not that anyone in his party will listen to him.  To the contrary, what’s so funny about today’s Teapublicans is how much they adore Ronald Reagan, despite the fact that Reagan was pro-immigration (Reagan signed an amnesty bill into law), that he exploded the deficit and the debt, that he raised taxes 11 times as president (not to mention his tax increases as governor of California), that he increased federal spending dramatically, that he created a new federal department (Veterans Affairs) and grew the federal workforce, that he signed on to a $165 billion bailout of Social Security, etc.  Yet he’s still “St. Ronnie” to many on the right wing, even though if a Republican not named “Ronald Reagan” did any of those things, he’d be drummed out of the party faster than George Allen can say “macaca!”  LOL

h/t: Think Progress

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