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The Family Foundation objects to a rainbow flag flying at the Richmond Federal Reserve


President Obama has declared that June is National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. To show their support, the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is flying a rainbow flag, presumably all month. However, The Family Foundation, also based in downtown Richmond, objects to the flag being there. The president of the Family Foundation, Victoria Cobb, objects to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond “following the nation’s leadership in promoting a lifestyle that involves less than two percent of the population.” According to the Family Foundation,  employees of the Federal Reserve as well as other businesses that are housed within that building are offended by the flag and are saying that the “homosexual agenda has been pushed down our throats.”

Never mind the fact that the Family Foundation would have no objection to Christmas trees and decorations, which leave out a sizable segment of the population. They would never call that “pushing the Christian agenda down our throats.” And that is also not to mention the flying of Confederate flags, which are also a part of the flags of Georgia and Mississippi, and with what people associate that flag. Just another troll racing to the bottom to see who can play to the extreme base the most. And congratulations are due to the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond; it is a bold step for such a traditionally institution to advertise their acceptance so publicly.


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