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No, Justice Roberts, It is Not a Tax Increase for the Overwhelming Majority


Here are two important things to remember as the GOP, with the help of Chief Justice Roberts, try to spin the Affordable Health Care Act into a TAX (already they are at it falsely purporting the largest tax increase in history). No, Justice Roberts, the majority of us will not be taxed for non-compliance with Mandatory health insurance. It’s a tax cut for most of us!  

Indeed, 98% of Americans essentially will get a tax cut because we will no longer be subsidizing free-loaders who willingly do without insurance and overload our emergency care system. Before I go on let me state emphatically that those who cannot afford insurance are not the freeloaders of whom I speak. Indeed, they too will be helped by the Affordable Care Act. In fact, on average, families will get about a $2000 gift in the form of lower federal costs and less pressure on insurance premiums because of the free-loaders.

Most of you know this, but we fail to counter effectively the GOP spin machine. Every time an uninsured person enters the emergency room, the cost of our care goes up because hospitals have to treat the patient. But SOMEONE has to pay for it.  

In the age of for profits when even a not-for-profit keeps the proceeds for greater expansion, land purchases and more, hospitals are not charities. You and I pay in the form of higher taxes (hospitals write off those costs). We pay in higher premiums. Insurance companies are not charities either. Someone has to pay and that someone always is US. The affordable care act rescues us from being the insurer of last resort for every

Equally important, the Affordable Health Care Act will free up emergency rooms to do what they are supposed to do-treat EMERGENCIES.

The Obama campaign has been quick out of the gate with its Truth Team correcting the false claims of a tax increase to most of us. You can help. Tell ten people!

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