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Paul Ryan Won’t Tell You Which National Parks He’d Sell Off, Either


Mt. Moran at Oxbox BendEveryone knows Paul Ryan doesn’t want to explain the math behind the Romney-Ryan $5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy, but in a new interview with Outdoor Life, he doesn’t have any more interest in explaining their plan to sell off America’s public lands:

OL: In your ‘Path to Prosperity’ budget plan, you have several proposals to sell government property, from things like automobiles to buildings to federal land. Can you give me an example of some type of public land that may fall under that plan?

PR: Not off the top of my head, I couldn’t.

OL: What criteria, though, will you use?

PR: That would be something you have to work with Congress on. There have been lots of hearings that Congress has had on excess federal properties. The ones that we’ve looked at from budget savings were more buildings and assets like cars and things like this, a lot of vacant

properties. That is really where a lot of our concern for budget savings has been. With respect to federal lands, that would take a lot more research to give you a good answer.

OL: So that’s not really a main part of that, though?

PR: That part, we thought the savings was buildings.

It’s a clear part of the Romney-Ryan strategy: We won’t tell you what our plans are, you just have to trust us that we’ll slash taxes & it’ll maybe cost nothing, gut health care but I bet you’ll pull through, and auction off America’s public lands but I’m sure Big Oil doesn’t want the good ones so we’ll fill in that blank later.


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