Video: “Bobby” McDonnell’s “Dear Friend” Pat Robertson Says Liberals, Gays “Want a Dictatorship”


    Remember, Pat Robertson calls our fine governor his “dear friend,” “Bobby,” and a “distinguished graduate of Regent University.” Yeah, they really churn out some gems from that school, huh?  Seriously, thought, let’s not forget that Robertson has given s***-tons of money to Virginia Republicans, including “Bobby” McDonnell and George Allen. No wonder why you never hear those guys distance themselves from any of Robertson’s demented, extreme remarks. Also, they probably agree with him, given their record on social issues (he didn’t earn the nicknames “Taliban Bob” and “Transvaginal Bob” for nothing).

    P.S. Hilariously, the Romney campaign has rolled out T-Bob to defend his “binders of women” gaffe. Fortunately for them, Republicans don’t comprehend irony…


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