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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, November 29. Also, check out the video of President Obama calling on Americans “to speak out to keep taxes from going up on middle class families.” #MY2K

*Editorial: The latest punch line in GOP politics (“Mainstream Republicans once laughed off their party’s rightward trend until they were elbowed out of the way. The latest victim is Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling.”)

*Volume suddenly rises in Virginia governor’s race (“Bill Bolling on Wednesday abruptly dropped his long-held plans to run for governor next year, clearing the way for conservative firebrand Ken Cuccinelli…”)

*Ken Cuccinelli’s fight for conservative causes (In no way, shape, or form is Ken Kookinelli a traditional “conservative.” To the contrary, he’s a radical and extremist, nothing “conservative” about him.)

*Virginia Race Turns To Chaos Following Cuccinelli’s Rise (We’ll see; for now, it’s consolidated, not “turned to chaos.”)

*Mr. Bolling exits (sigh) (“Conventions draw the red-meat eaters, those folks who live and breathe politics while the rest of us are getting our kids to soccer games. They would no doubt favor Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a Tea Party paladin and passionate defender of all things respectably right wing, over Mr. Bolling.”)

*The field clears for Cuccinelli (“Bolling’s latest decision effectively serves notice that the Republican Party of Virginia is poised to surrender to its more extreme, and temperamental, wing. The result is bad for the party and worse for Virginia.”)

*Editorial: Fewer choices in 2013 (“Bolling’s withdrawal narrows governor’s race in shrink-wrapped process”)

*Bolling hints of independent bid for Va. governor (Verrrry interesting.)

*Narrowing field could leave stark choice in Va. governor’s race (Bizarre quote by Jessica Taylor of the Rothenberg Political report. How is Terry McAuliffe not towards the “center of the party?” His best friend Bill Clinton is pretty much synonymous with centrism, the “third way,” etc., and Terry himself is a “pro-business” “centrist” if there ever was one. Does ANYONE out there in the national punditocracy know ANYTHING about Virginia politics?!?)

*Could Bolling run for governor as an independent?

*Bolling will not endorse Cuccinelli (“Bolling questions attorney general’s leadership potential.” Well, Cuckoo could certainly lead us all off the cliff pretty quickly! Heh.)

*Tom Perriello silent as speculation swirls on gubernatorial run

*Wilder says Va. gubernatorial candidates must take centrist approach (Wilder’s been wrong on pretty much everything for several years now, and something tells me he’ll be wrong on this as well when it comes to Ken Kookinelli.)

*RGA embraces Cuccinelli as nominee (Wait, national Republicans ditched Akin but embrace Cuckoo? What’s the difference exactly?)

*The ‘anti-business’ knock on Ken Cuccinelli (No doubt, Cuccinelli would be very bad for Virginia business.)

*Connolly falls short paying party dues (Not cool, especially given that he’s in a safe, “incumbent protection” district.)

*Jeff’s Notes: Running for lieutenant governor? (“The line for lieutenant governor candidates forms on the right, says columnist Jeff Schapiro.”)

*Goodlatte named chairman of House Judiciary Committee

*In Fairfax County, a tough budget season lies ahead

*Virginia Chamber to release new statewide economic development plan

*Va. Beach arena pitch gets mixed reaction from lawmakers

*Deeper water aims to keep Great Dismal Swamp fires under control

*Virginia panel gives list of dangerous animals

*Mighty chestnut may yet return to glory

*Traffic woes likely to persist for decades, officials say (Actually, thanks to Republicans’ utter failure to raise revenues, Virginia’s traffic woes are likely to get a lot, lot worse.)

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