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Audio: Bill Bolling “keeping the door open” on Independent Bid for Gov, Will Decide by March 1


For Virginia LG Bill Bolling’s thoughts on his potential independent run for governor of Virginia, check out the last minute or so of this audio. Then, if you want to hear why Bill Bolling would likely have minimal appeal to independent voters, but would overwhelmingly draw from conservatives, check out the first 7-8 minutes, during which he sounds 100% like a Teapublican’t, complaining about the fiscal cliff resolution on due to the fact that tax increases are EVILEVILEVIL!!! Oh, and Republicans all got “played” by President Obama (right, that’s why a lot of progressives are unhappy, also why the $250,000 cutoff became $400,000, etc.). Oh, and according to Bolling the supposed “moderate,” rich people are only the “so-called rich” (huh? they’re not ACTUALLY rich? so are the poor not ACTUALLY poor?). Oh, and revenues for the EVILEVILEVIL government are…well, you get the idea.

The bottom line is that, when it comes down to it, Bill Bolling is about as much of a right wingnut as Ken Kookinelli on just about everything. So why does anyone think Bolling’s more “moderate?” My theory is it’s 99% tone, as Bolling comes across as anything but a rabble rousing true believer, and more of a gray, bland, blah, unexciting snoozer (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz). But in terms of substance, I’m not sure I see the differences between Bolling and Kookinelli, even though Bolling seems to have implied that the latter is “extreme” in some way that he’s not. Got me.


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