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Audio: Dick Saslaw Calls Pete Snyder “Some Nutjob” with Zero Knowledge of Virginia


This is classic, starting at around 6:50 of the audio, when the topic turns to Republican LG candidate Pete Snyder, who launched a ridiculous radio ad today attacking Dick Saslaw as throwing a “temper tantrum,” “holding the progress of the state hostage,” loving higher taxes, etc.  Anyway, here’s how Dick Saslaw reacts when host John Fredericks asks him about it:

Dick Saslaw: Who is Pete Snyder?

John Fredericks: Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia on the GOP side.

Saslaw: Oh, never heard of him. I mean, I’m really not considered about some nutjob, you know, running a radio ad whose knowledge of this state could be put in a 1-ounce shotglass, with half of it empty still…

Fredericks: So it sounds like you’re not particularly swayed by…

Saslaw: I’ve never heard of this guy, you sure he’s running for office in Virginia?

Fredericks: [Laughter] Yes, Lieutenant Governor.

Saslaw: What’s his name?

Fredericks: Pete Snyder, he’s a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. [laughter]

Saslaw: Never heard of him, where does he live?

Fredericks: Northern Virginia.

Saslaw: No, I’ve been in Northern Virginia 45 years, I’ve never heard of the guy.

One thing I’ll give Saslaw, he’s certainly entertaining! Also, I disagree with Saslaw on payday lending and other issues, but he’s absolutely correct about Pete Snyder – the guy’s as right wingnutty as they come, with the possible exception of Ken Kookinelli (although actually, come to think of it, there’s not much if any difference on the issues between those two).

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