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Sen. Dick Black (R-Homophobia): Polygamy “just more natural” than homosexuality


Just when you think that State Senator Dick Black (R-Homophobia, Extremism, Insanity) can’t get any crazier…he goes ahead and does just that!

While Black said he’s worked with Ebbin on other issues, he likened same-sex marriage to polygamy and incest.

“I don’t think it can really be redefined,” said Black about marriage. “I think you can enact legislation that there’s marriage that’s not based on a normal physical union of two people but you can have people who very much desire to marry a first cousin and government says you can’t do that.”

Speaking about exclusively supporting marriage between one man and one woman, he later added that “I don’t have to justify my position because my position is justified by the entire scope of human history since the beginning of time.”

Although Black opposes both same-sex marriage and polygamy, he cast polygamy in a more favorable light than homosexuality.

“When you talk about polygamy, at least it functions biologically. I think you can make a stronger argument for that and certainly there have already been initiatives for there to say that polygamist marriages should be authorized also.”

Continuing on polygamy, Black said, “It’s just more natural” than homosexuality.

“You actually have cultures over history that have permitted it,” said Black. “You really don’t have cultures that have permitted same-sex marriage. So this is an extension and I think it would be very difficult over the long run to deny polygamist marriages if you’re saying love is the foundation” of same-sex marriages.

Wow, I’m speechless. I mean, this is wacky even for Black, who likes talking about spousal rape and “nighties” when he’s not telling bizarre, presumably fictional stories about homosexual rape in the military. Any thoughts?


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