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60 Days Until the Comstock Government Shutdown


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LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – In a scene reminiscent of the 2013 Federal Government shutdown, Tea Party sycophants, Koch-funded astroturfers, and House of Delegates members possessing an irrational hatred of President Barack Obama have coalesced into the Virginia shutdown caucus.

Barbara Comstock is a leader of the shutdown caucus.

There’s only 60 days left before Barbara Comstock and the shutdown caucus follow their role models Ted Cruz and Eric Cantor and do to Virginia what the shutdown caucus first did to Washington.

The shutdown caucus believes that ideological purity trumps common-sense compromise. The shutdown caucus believes that partisan brinksmanship is more important than working across the aisle. The shutdown caucus believes that Federal and State employee’s jobs are expendable, and are useful pawns in political machinations.

Why does Comstock want to shutdown Virginia’s government?

Because she thinks that Virginians don’t deserve better healthcare.

“Marketplace Virginia,” the bipartisan Virginia Senate plan to close the coverage gap, brings affordable healthcare to 400,000 Virginians without spending any additional tax dollars.

Comstock would rather shutdown the government.

“Marketplace Virginia,” requires healthcare recipients to make financial contributions and have skin in the game before they receive coverage. “Marketplace Virginia” is a private sector solution, and is endorsed by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, the vast majority of newspapers in Virginia, the Loudoun Times-Mirror, the conservative Richmond Times-Dispatch, and the Washington Post.

Comstock would rather shutdown the government.

Why shouldn’t Virginia receive, at minimum, its fair share of Federal healthcare revenue?

Just ask Barbara Comstock-

This is the first installment of the Comstock Government Shutdown Countdown.


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