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Audio: EW Jackson Talks to Anti-#LGBT Fairfax County School Board Member Elizabeth Schultz


(UPDATE: Audio of about 1/2 hour of the call now available in the comments section. – promoted by lowkell)

This should be fun! 🙂 Oh, and if you want to watch the virulent, extreme anti-LGBT Schultz in action, leading the angry mob, see here for video from last Thursday night’s Fairfax County Public School Board meeting.

  • I had to drop off about 1/2 hour in, but here’s an excerpt (more to come from the start of the call in a few minutes) in which:

    *Schultz “through the love of Christ we’re going to be compassionate…that being said, my ability to be compassionate doesn’t give anyone the right of tyranny over my rights…and that’s why I asked for the delay.”

    *Schultz blamed the federal government for supposedly “pushing and overreaching into the local school boards.”

    *Schultz was asked by a “proud” former EW Jackson for LG delegate from Mt. Vernon, “why not file a lawsuit to hold the School Board members liable for reckless endangerment of minor children and…recourse of parents who object on religious grounds to supporting this perverted policy with their tax dollars?” (I had to drop off at the point, didn’t hear Schultz’s answer, but presume that will be posted by EW Jackson eventually).

  • A few “highlights” from the EW Jackson/Elizabeth Schultz hatefest.

    *According to EW Jackson, the (supposed) horrors of transgender protections are “coming to a city, town or county near you.”

    *Jackson has got to be the biggest sky-is-falling panic-monger and whiner ever, constantly talking about everything’s an “emergency,” how everything’s going to hell in a handbasket in our country, getting worse all the time, etc, etc. How does this guy get out of bed every day?

    *Jackson (in his prayer, no less): “people seem to be hell bent on denying fundamental biological, sexual reality which is that there are males and females, that there aren’t 20 or 30 genders, there are two; but yet, they want to propound this, and even worse, Lord, they want to foist this on our children…Lord, we are up against some very powerful forces.”

    *According to Jackson, “Northern Virginia is…the carpetbagger area of Virginia, it’s the area that tends to skew Virginia in a much more liberal direction.”

    *In her presentation on the call, Schultz basically repeated the same utter nonsense and hysteria she spewed out at the School Board meeting last Thursday, not worth repeating here.

    *Schultz claimed that transgender students can “just select what team they play for.” In fact, according to Josh Israel, who spoke at the meeting the other night, “Virginia already allows trans kids to play on the sports team of their own gender.”

    *EW Jackson says people have “lost their minds” on this, and he’s not referring to the howling mob of anti-transgender parents at the school board meeting the other night.

    *Asked about her Republican colleague Patty Reed, who abstained last Thursday night, Schultz said she abstained “for representing maybe parts of her community that would have liked to have seen some forward progress on this.” Hmmmm…”forward progress” eh?  

    *Schultz also basically said, sure, ditch federal funding of the Fairfax County Public School system. Brilliant, huh?