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Thursday News: “The never-ending idiocy of the 2nd GOP debate;” Trump Trumped?


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, September 17.

*Exxon Believed Deep Dive Into Climate Research Would Protect Its Business (More evidence that these fossil fuel people are truly heinous, destroying our planet for their own profit. Grrrrrrrrrr.)

*Republicans Got One Question About Climate Change At The Debate, And Totally Screwed It Up

*The GOP farce plods along: Why last night’s interminable debate was an affront to the party’s patron saint (“Fiorina was declared the winner. But all we really know after last night’s circus is that ‘left-wing’ Reagan lost”)

*Climate Denier Candidate Opens Debate By Making Joke About California’s Drought (That’s Marco Rubio, of course.)

*Everything the Contenders Got Wrong About the Iran Deal (Basically everything they said was either ignorant or a lie. By the way, can any of these Republican clowns pronounce “Khamenei” correctly or “Bashar” – not “Bashir” – Assad?)

*A Trump lie: He tried to expand casino gambling in Florida

*Jousting with Trump signals new stage in race (“The candidate who has dominated the summer was often on the defensive in Wednesday’s debate.”)

*Jeb Bush Defends His Brother’s War In Iraq: ‘He Kept Us Safe’ (“Jeb Bush was backed into defending his brother’s disastrous foreign policy.”)

*Asked About 14-Year-Old Arrested For Making A Clock, GOP Candidates Call For More Racial Profiling

*Fact checking the second round of GOP debates (I turned it off after an hour or so, couldn’t listen to any more of the lies and hysteria spewing from these extremists’ mouths.)

*Trump fails to stampede GOP herd (“His rivals stood their ground – and even landed some blows of their own.”)

*Most awkward moments in the GOP debate

*The never-ending idiocy of the 2nd GOP debate: Trump blustered, Jeb flubbed & Fiorina did just enough

*GOP debate: Donald Trump and Ben Carson embrace vaccine trutherism – despite admitting there’s “extremely well-documented proof” of no autism link

*It’s official: The Republican Party has lost its mind

*The one candidate CNN refused to invite to the debate (“But as his tweets vanished into the ether with scarcely a retweet, Gilmore showed his frustration…”)

*The Beginning of Trump’s End? (“The GOP establishment may see some hopeful signs in the second primary debate.”)

*Round 2 in fight over state justice (“Gov. Terry McAuliffe doubled down on his selection of Jane Marum Roush for a temporary seat on the Supreme Court of Virginia, setting up a showdown with Republican lawmakers who’ve made clear they have no intention of electing her to a 12-year term.”)

*Sens. Warner, Kaine join push to compensate Blue Water vets for Agent Orange exposure

*Parrish, Edwards have financial edge in key Senate races

*Editorial: Open the TRAP on abortion (“Today, the state’s Board of Health is slated to take up, once again, Virginia’s ridiculously stringent regulations on abortion clinics. It should tear them up.”)

*Our view: A campaign penalty on redistricting (“There’s also this irony, which we hope Fangonilo and other Republicans take note of: If the districts in question in Western Virginia were drawn more sensibly, Edwards’ district would probably be less Democratic and more Republican – and the other would still be strongly Republican. The legal challenge to those districts actually benefits Republicans.”)

*Democratic Party of Virginia sells Shockoe headquarters (“The Shockoe Bottom building, once tied up in Mayor Dwight C. Jones’ proposal for a Shockoe baseball stadium, was bought for $850,000 by Bacon Housing LP…Bacon Housing is tied to developers David and Brian White, a father-son duo involved in the plan to build 750 apartments around the proposed Shockoe ballpark.”)

*Virginia Hospital association warns of financial challenges

*Va. hospitals pressure state lawmakers in ad campaign for ACA money (“Republicans won’t touch Medicaid expansion, but struggling hospitals say there must be another way.”)

*Wagner, Republican vets call on McCollum to drop out of race

*Several local contests not competitive financially (“Aside from the marquee contest to succeed retiring Sen. John Watkins, R-Powhatan, a number of contests for Richmond-area legislative seats do not appear competitive financially.”)

*21st Senate trio offer contrasting views on taxes

*Virginia politics: No summer break in fundraising for Peninsula House races

*Simonds hits Yancey on 460 position … which is the same as Terry McAuliffe’s

*Better late: Werth, Nats pound Phils, trim another game off deficit

*D.C. area forecast: Nothing but blue skies next three days; A taunt of showers early next week


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