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Supreme Court Upholds New Virginia Congressional Map


Good news, courtesy of Progress VA:

Supreme Court Upholds New Virginia Congressional Map

The United States Supreme Court this morning unanimously upheld a court-redrawn Virginia congressional map, dismissing an appeal filed by Republican congressmen concerned about keeping their seats. The new map, drawn by a court-appointed special master, was ordered by the District Court after they found the Virginia General Assembly unconstitutionally packed voters of color into the third congressional district in an attempt to dilute their voting influence.

“Today’s decision is an affirmation that in Virginia and across the country, every eligible voter should have an equal opportunity to make his or her voice heard,” said Progress Virginia executive director Anna Scholl. ”It’s shameful and disgraceful that Republicans in the General Assembly tried to dilute the influence of black voters in the Commonwealth. These unconstitutional tricks are the latest in a long line of attempts to restrict voting.”

“While the courts have rectified Virginia’s congressional map, more has to be done to protect and expand voting rights. It’s far past time for the General Assembly to approve a nonpartisan redistricting plan that takes away politicians ability to rig their own elections. Politicians picking and choosing their own voters is the ultimate conflict of interest. We’ve seen how that plays out—communities of color and voters lose when politicians rig the game. Enough is enough.

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