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Dave Brat’s Crazy Game of Russian Roulette With the Government’s Finances


Originally published on Daily Kos

Dave Brat co-sponsored HR 27, the Tax Code Termination Act. As described by the Congressional Research Service, Dave’s bill–
“Terminates the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 after December 31, 2019, except for self-employment taxes, Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes, and railroad retirement taxes. Requires a two-thirds majority vote in Congress to change such termination date.

“Declares that any new federal tax system should be a simple and fair system that: (1) applies a low rate to all Americans, (2) provides tax relief for working Americans, (3) protects the rights of taxpayers and reduces tax collection abuses, (4) eliminates the bias against savings and investment, (5) promotes economic growth and job creation, and (6) does not penalize marriage or families.

“Requires that the new federal tax system be approved by Congress in its final form by July 4, 2019.”

Yes, nobody loves paying taxes. Yes, the current tax code is unfair. Yes, it needs fixing.

But, Dave, are you kidding? You would have the entire tax code (with the exceptions stated) disappear automatically on midnight of December 31, 2019, and you hope that the Congress will be able to replace it before it vanishes? What madness is this? Dave, what happens if the Congress cannot agree on a replacement tax system and the government’s authority to raise revenues disappears as the New Year ball descends in Times Square as we welcome in 2020? When we fall off that wall, even your free market won’t be able to put us back together again.


We can’t afford two more years of Dave Brat.

On November 8th, Vote for Eileen Bedell, Democrat for VA-7th District. 

Vote for Sanity. Vote for progress. Vote for principles.  Lawyer, Small-business owner, mother, spouse.
Let’s elect someone who lives in the real world.
Eileen Bedell for the Virginia 7th District. For more information or to contribute to Eileen’s campaign AND to help vote out Dave Brat, just click below:2016






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