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Will Rep. Bob Goodlatte Leave 30,000 of His Constituents in the Lurch?


Cross posted with permission from Goodlatte Watch

Congressman Goodlatte has been among the Republicans voting repeatedly to repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), which in 2016 enabled more than 30,000 residents of the Sixth District to purchase health insurance. Enrollment for 2017 promises to be even larger. While there are some problems with the ACA that could easily be fixed if Goodlatte and other Republicans would cooperate, the law has reduced the number of uninsured Americans by 21.3 million– cutting the number of uninsured in half.

But with a Republican President-elect who supports repeal and a Republican majority in both houses of Congress, the ACA and the millions of Americans insured through the law are under serious threat.

Goodlatte has expressed support for the House Republicans’ supposed alternative to the ACA. But as Huffington Post reported:

The plan, which isn’t legislation and is more like a mission statement, lacks the level of detail that would enable a full analysis, but one thing is clear: If put in place, it would almost surely mean fewer people with health insurance, fewer people getting financial assistance for their premiums or out-of-pocket costs, and fewer consumer protections than the ACA provides.

Is Goodlatte prepared to let that happen?


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