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Seriously Ed? Gillespie Refuses to Criticize Trump’s Brazen Abuse of Power


From the Democratic Party of Virginia; yet again, Ed Gillespie is utterly pathetic, zero moral backbone/courage among his many other flaws…

Seriously Ed?

Gillespie Refuses to Criticize Trump’s Brazen Abuse of Power

This Comes After Urging Republicans to “Come Home” to Support Trump Last Year

When asked today about the firing of former FBI director James Comey today, Ed Gillespie dodged the question by claiming that he hasn’t had time to focus on it. And despite other Republicans criticizing Trump’s alarming move yesterday, Gillespie still refuses to criticize Trump today:

While it is any president’s prerogative to hire or fire an FBI Director, there have been many questions and concerns raised about this decision and I look forward to learning more about its timing and rationale as they’re answered. It’s critical that the American people have faith in the Bureau, its leadership and the Administration.”


Trump’s firing of James Comey is a dangerous, transparent move to interfere with the FBI’s investigation into his campaign’s possible collusion with Russia during the election. And Ed Gillespie wants to be Virginia’s chief executive….and won’t criticize Trump for this?

And while Gillespie may try to dance around Donald Trump now, it hasn’t always been that way. Gillespie’s support of Trump was “clear from the beginning,” and urged Republicans to “come home” to support Trump.

In response, DPVA spokesperson Christina Freundlich issued the following statement:

“Seriously Ed?”

  • Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA 2) weighs in with a statement that’s a mix of decent stuff (e.g., Trump “has a duty to put forth an independent and non-political leader at the FBI to achieve the aforementioned goals,” possible “select committee or special prosecutor”) and crap (e.g., ” there has been zero evidence of collusion with Russia”; “. Democrats should avoid further politicizing this firing”). This guy really needs to go next November.

    It is certainly the case that a President needs to have confidence in, and has the legal authority to remove, the FBI Director as they serve at the pleasure of the President. Having said that, I am troubled by the timing of the Director’s dismissal. Director Comey made missteps, but if they were significant enough for his dismissal, it should have happened months ago. Democrats should avoid further politicizing this firing as they were calling for Comey’s dismissal as well and there has been zero evidence of collusion with Russia. My concern lies with the trust of the American people and the ability to have an objective analysis on Russian involvement in our election and impartial oversight over ongoing investigations. There is now a need to regain not just the President’s confidence in senior leadership at the FBI, but the public’s confidence in the process as well. The President has a duty to put forth an independent and non-political leader at the FBI to achieve the aforementioned goals. Anything less is unacceptable and may be cause for a select committee or special prosecutor.

    • Linda Canciglia McWilliams

      Not crap. 9 months and no evidence. red herring and obstruction by Democrats. If you decide before a President even takes office that you will impeach him, you will find aka make something up in order to do what you want to do; maintain your own death grip on the government and the people.

  • Absolutely pathetic statement by the pathetic Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA 1):

    This decision is the President’s prerogative. It was made following an investigation and recommendation of the Deputy Attorney General, who concluded that Mr. Comey could no longer function effectively as director. I trust that the recommendation was made in good faith and with the nation’s best interest in mind. The investigations now underway will continue and we must let those committees do their work. Most importantly, the FBI now needs a new leader that that will command the respect of the American people and I hope the Senate moves swiftly with the nomination process.

  • RobertColgan

    INSANITY, Anyone?

    That the Republicans have ACTUALLY SUPPORTED Trump and CONTINUE to SUPPORT Trump in all his maladjusted shenanigans —(all of which reflect not only a distorted narcissist but a person incapable of clear analysis and critical thought)—- and attempt to rationalize his actions…can only be limned by an analogy of people wearing inline skates trying to maintain uprightness on a polished dance floor after an oil spill.
    It’s even less funny as the injuries mount and become more damaging.