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Tuesday News: Trump Embraces Fellow Authoritarian Thug; “Trump and Duterte, brothers from another mother”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, May 2.

  • Dan Rather:

    I wanted to let this story go. I really did. I don’t want to be distracted from all the important things taking place. Where are we on the Russia investigation again?

    But the sheer craziness of this obsession by Donald Trump with Andrew Jackson and the Civil War is a carnival act unlike anything I have ever seen at the White House. And not to let something drop, there is Mr. Trump on Twitter just recently pouring gasoline on the fires of his ignorance.

    Nevermind that Mr. Trump’s knowledge of American history seems below that of most gradeschoolers. Nevermind that in many people’s view, Jackson is not exactly the kind of president, or man, you would want to hold up as an example. And nevermind that there is an implicit criticism of arguably our greatest president, Abraham Lincoln. (It reminds me of his slam against John McCain and how war heroes aren’t captured. Apparently great presidents don’t wage a war to keep the Union together).

    These are the rantings of someone who really should be focused on the job of governing. Should we not conclude that he approaches policy decisions with the same half-baked conspiracies with which he apparently approaches history?

    To be President of the United States is to part of the great American story. To not understand that story is to not understand the presidency. Maybe Frederick Douglass can give Mr. Trump some advice. Apparently, he’s “an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more.”

  • Quizzical

    I was surprised by Trump’s obvious anger and bitterness towards Obama, which he displayed in the CBS interview. I suppose from Trump’s point of view, Obama is responsible for setting up the Trump-Russia investigation in the last months of the Obama administration, which makes Obama an enemy who has hit him and whom he must hit back.

    But it wasn’t Obama who set this whole thing in motion — it was Trump’s campaign staff. Ultimately Trump is responsible for everything that was done in his name to win the election.

  • From the Perriello for Governor campaign:

    Key Virginia Building Trade Associations Endorse Tom Perriello for Governor

    Tidewater and Richmond Building Trades Support Perriello for Focus on Growing the Economy by Investing in Working and Middle Class Virginians

    Today, the Tidewater Builders Association and the Richmond Building Trades Council are endorsing Tom Perriello in the Democratic primary for governor of Virginia. Affiliates of the larger Virginia State Building & Construction Trades Council, both organizations cite Tom’s commitment to ensure basic economic security for Virginia’s workers as reasons for their endorsement. Tom was also endorsed by the Keystone Mountain Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters in February, the first major labor endorsement in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

    “We are proud to support Tom and his inclusive economic vision that prioritizes growth from the ground up and the middle out. He understands that our next governor must protect our workers in a time when their livelihoods are increasingly threatened by wage theft, denial of benefits, and reduced bargaining powers,” said Tommy Bell, President of the Hampton Roads Building and Construction Trades Council.

    “We need a leader who will advance a bold agenda to maintain dignity and expand opportunity for every worker across Virginia. Tom’s plan prioritizes economic security for all by guaranteeing benefits that allow workers to spend time with their families and expanding access to education so that every Virginian has access to the skills they need to enter an increasingly competitive labor force. He has our support heading into the June primary and beyond,” said Danny Watson, President of the Richmond Building Trades Council.

    As governor, Tom is committed to supporting Virginia’s prevailing wage laws while cracking down on widespread payroll fraud that drives down construction industry wages and safety standards. He has proposed the most progressive agenda to support working families to grow our economy in modern Virginia history—including raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, two years free community college, apprenticeships and vocational training, paid family and medical leave, and universal pre-K. He has also put forward a sensible plan to fix Virginia’s tax system to generate the revenues to fund this growth-oriented investment in the working and middle class.

    “I am proud to have the endorsement of these two organizations which do so much to protect the rights of Virginia’s construction workers in the Richmond and Hampton Roads regions,” said Tom Perriello. “This campaign is about standing boldly for hardworking Virginians and their families for an inclusive economic future that leaves no race or region behind. The momentum is on our side, and that’s because thousands of Virginians know we can join together to make Virginia greater than it’s ever been.”

  • Beyer Statement On Trump Call For Government Shutdown

    May 2, 2017 (Washington, DC) – Rep. Don Beyer today issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s call for a “good ‘shutdown’ in September:”

    “There is nothing ‘good’ about a government shutdown that would furlough 800,000 federal employees indefinitely, including nearly 70,000 in Northern Virginia. The federal government does not turn on and off like a light switch. Critical medical and scientific research is put on hold; shipping container inspections at our ports are halted; Social Security and Medicare benefits are delayed and mortgages are missed.

    I can think of no worse example of leadership than to call and hope for such an unmitigated disaster. President Trump might think this is the art of the deal, but it is not how government functions, not what the American people demand of their political leaders, and not what this country asked for in November.”

    Beyer represents more federal workers than any other Representative.

  • Video: Hillary Clinton reflects on election loss


    • Quizzical

      It is amazing that this interview, which was part of a women’s rights conference and which mostly was about women’s rights, was reported only for the relatively brief comments about Trump and the election. Hillary also was talking about the challenges of robotics and artificial intelligence and the impact of those on people’s jobs. I didn’t see that reported either.