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Watch Out, Dave Brat, a Blue Storm Is Coming: Abigail Spanberger


By H.“Bud”Cothern, Ed.D.

A storm named Abigail from Glen Allen is predicted in the 7th Congressional district of Virginia, and Rep. Dave Brat has a lot to fear from it.  Brat has been busy photo-oping all around Central Virginia, spouting his farcical “Judeo-Christian,” Koch brother-inspired, pseudo-economic theory, showing up at tire stores and doughnut shops and avoiding his constituents in real meaningful dialogue. That’s all about to change. The winds of change, in the name of Abigail Spanberger, are here.

You see, I know Abigail Spanberger. She is a friend of mine. And Dave Brat, you’re no Abigail Spanberger. To the contrary, you are so outclassed it is almost hilarious. And you are going to lose. Bigly. A big blue wind is about to blow through your district. Take cover. Abigail is going to dominate the conversation in the Democratic primary and then emerge as the front-runner.  Of that, I have no doubt.

As a former Senate page for US Senator Chuck Robb, and as part of the 2017 Emerge Virginia class, Abigail has a most distinctive background. A mother of three girls and a University of Virginia graduate with an international MBA from a dual-degree German-American program, she speaks Spanish, has served as a law enforcement officer, is a former CIA operations officer, and currently works for The Advisory Board Company, a best-practices firm located in Richmond that uses a combination of research, technology, and consulting to improve the performance of health care organizations and higher education.

Given all her experience in both the public and private sector, especially her service in defense of our nation, Abigail’s career stands formidably juxtaposed against the weak, Ayn Rand-inspired-radical, poor-excuse-for-a-20-year-college-“professor” Dave Brat. Actually, this self-proclaimed expert “economist” has only published three works cited by another academic since he co-authored papers with his graduate adviser.

In contrast, Abigail Spanberger is a dynamic, crackerjack of a candidate. Dave, you are just a pathetic, unimaginative fraud.  Abigail is authentic, talented, experienced and plenty smart. Dave, you are just a hack and a shill for the “Kochtopus.”  Abigail has represented with distinction our nation’s intelligence service overseas.  Dave, you applauded the cozy up antics of our Russophile-in Chief.  “Professor,” you can run but you can’t hide. You are finished. You have gotten nothing done for the American people and you have tried to push a far right agenda in a district that doesn’t mirror your kooky beliefs.

As a former school superintendent and career educator myself, I know from my many conversations with her that Abigail, the daughter-in-law of a teacher, will protect public education from the onslaught/idiocy of Dave’s hero, Betsy DeVos, the DeVos family and the dark money he takes from them.  In contrast to DeVos, Abigail Spanberger will ensure that all students have an equal access to quality education regardless of their disabilities or background.

In addition, Abigail will protect Virginians in the 7th district from the disastrous healthcare policies that Dave Brat has so heartlessly endorsed. And Abigail will fight for opportunity, equality and security for all Americans, again unlike Dave Brat.

I feel the storm building, the wind sweeping in a change. Dave, take cover; Storm Abigail is near.  I’ve been waiting a long time for the fresh breeze to blow through. As my friend, Abigail, I wholeheartedly welcome the sunny skies that you will bring once you have cleansed the air.

  • H Bud Cothern

    Abigail will mop the floor with Brat in debate. Here is his office’s pitiful response to her announcement:
    “The people of Virginia’s 7th District have a representative in Congress who fights for them and takes the hard votes our country needs to get us back on the right path to economic prosperity for all. Dave is keeping his promises, and doing what he said he would do. He is hard at work to deliver tax reform that will put more money in people’s pockets so they can pay the bills, passing a budget that stops mortgaging our children’s future, and finding a healthcare solution that offers real affordability and portability. When the time comes to campaign in 2018, Dave welcomes the debate with his liberal opponent over the proper role of government in our lives.”
    When has he ever had the courage to debate?

  • Wayne Smith

    Liberals should be overjoyed at today’s public schools. Turning out mind-numbed robots that hate America, vote Democrat, embrace LGBTQ issues, and secularism. I don’t understand what exactly liberals dislike about today’s public schools.

    Brat won close to 60% of the vote last time around. If you think you guys are going to turn that to 49% next time around, after being 5-0 in all special elections since Trump won, have it. Ha ha ha. Bunch of crazy losers you are.

  • Classic Penguin

    Dave Brat is a shockingly shallow politician. Every time I hear about something he has done, read an interview, or go to a Town Hall, the sheer lack of thought in his answers really makes me question his basic competence. My impression of him is that he believes that he is right…and that should be enough for his constituents. No need for discussion. No need to actually listen to and comprehend any other perspectives. Being “right” is enough for him. I’ve also noticed that he tends to choose venues for his town halls, such as small rooms or churches, which naturally limit the number of people or the behavior of the crowd. He also does not directly answer questions but relies on people writing them on index cards so the ones he does not want to answer can be thrown away. I’d like to say that this is cowardice, but truly I do not believe that Mr. Brat has enough self awareness to know how he comes across as so narrow-minded. In this complex world, it is not enough to simply place yourself as the leader of the groupthink crowd. You actually have to think through the issues yourself and be willing to participate in discourse with the people who you represent. Dave Brat thinks that he does this, but I’ve not seen it yet. District 7 needs a true leader who respects the people. Mr. Brat is not that person.