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Video: Check Out the Powerful New Video, “Inspire,” by Danica Roem


Check out the following from Danica Roem, Democratic candidate for Virginia House of Delegates in the 13th district against our old friend, Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall (R-Homophobia, Extremism). Great stuff – go Danica!

My team and I made the following video after Del. Bob Marshall (R-13) said, “Why do you call Danica a female? Did Danica’s DNA change?” in a story that first ran online Sept. 15 and again in print on Sept. 21 in my former newspaper, the Gainesville Times.

When Del. Marshall said that, his lack of understanding and empathy weren’t just disrespectful toward me personally. He once again attacked every person in our community, including the teenagers in this video, who he’s singled out and stigmatized through his 26 years of discriminatory social policies designed to tear our community apart instead of unite us around our common needs.

Our LGBTQ students deserve to know their elected representatives are working to help them thrive because of who they are, not despite it. They deserve to live their lives as themselves, not for who politicians like Del. Marshall tell them they’re supposed to be.

And they deserve elected leaders who believe in them, who don’t legislate against them, who insist on the words of St. Francis de Sales: “Be who you are and be that well.”

I hope this ad inspires everyone in our community – no matter what they look like, where they come from, how they worship or who they love – to celebrate their authentic sense of self in a more welcoming environment and a more inclusive commonwealth.


Danica Roem
Democratic Nominee – District 13
Virginia House of Delegates


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