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Monday News: “Trump, Chieftain of Spite”; “Hey, Virginia! You’ve got a governor to elect in three weeks!”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, October 16.

  • Good stuff, go John Bell!

    Vice President Joe Biden Endorses Delegate John Bell

    CHANTILLY, Va.: Today, Vice President Joe Biden announced his endorsement of Delegate John J. Bell (D – Loudoun) in his reelection campaign for the 87th House District.

    Said Vice President Joe Biden: “Delegate John Bell is a proven leader in the Virginia House of Delegates. He has a track record of getting things done across the aisle and advocating for his constituents. Delegate Bell deserves to be reelected so he can continue to fight for what is right, from making sure every Virginian can afford to see a doctor, growing our middle class, and ensuring our schools and public places are safe from firearm violence.”

    Said Delegate John Bell: “I’m incredibly honored to have the endorsement of one of the most profound American leaders, Vice President Joe Biden. His constant courage to do the right thing, even when it’s difficult or unpopular, is an example for all elected officials in America and Virginia. I look forward to continuing the work of Vice President Biden here in Virginia, from ensuring affordable access to health care, protecting and growing the New Virginia Economy, and reducing gun violence across the Commonwealth.”

    Delegate John J. Bell is a 26-year Air Force veteran serving his first term in the Virginia House of Delegates, representing the 87th District in Loudoun and Prince William Counties.

  • Andy Schmookler

    Congratulations to “well-read liberal Virginia blogger,” Lowell Feld.

    • Ha, thanks, except that the last quote makes absolutely no sense since it’s taken completely out of context (which is that because of the high % of Virginians who are federal employees, military, etc. a Virginia governor basically has to work with the federal government, but Trump makes that very hard…)

      • Andy Schmookler

        “Fake news” strikes again.– from the Failing New York Times.