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Video: Meet Tammie. This is who Ed Gillespie is attacking with his dishonest attack ads.


From Progress Virginia:

Progress Virginia Releases New Web Ad On Rights Restoration
Advertisement confronts Ed Gillespie’s demonization of returning citizens

Virginia—Progress Virginia today released a new web ad responding to GOP candidate for governor Ed Gillespie’s attacks on rights restoration. The ad features Tammie Hagen, a Richmond resident whose voting rights were restored by Governor Terry McAuliffe.

“Ed Gillespie’s fear-mongering television ads conflate all returning citizens with child molesters and imply Virginians should be afraid of those who have had their rights restored,” said Progress Virginia executive director Anna Scholl. “Tammie’s story is so important because it’s a common one—a person who made a bad decision, who paid their debt to society, and now wants to be a fully integrated citizen in our community and our democracy. We should applaud returning citizens who have worked hard to turn their lives around and contribute to our community—not demonize them with reckless attack ads.”

Watch: “Tammie”

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