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Video: “Dominion Dick” $a$law Claims He’s Totally Redoing Dominion Rate Freeze Bill; Will Be Soooo Much Better, Believe Him!


See below for video from earlier today. All I can say is, if you believe “Dominion Dick” $a$law regarding the Dominion Energy rate freeze bill – or anything else having to do with his masters at Dominion – I’ve got a huge, boondoggle, fracked-gas pipeline to sell you! LOL Also, I hear from a good source that Gov. Northam is PISSED about this bill, environmental groups are pissed, and that negotiations fell apart yesterday. So, we’ll see, but I’m certainly not holding my breath for anything good to come out of this. For instance, $a$law touting 4,000 megawatts of solar in this bill is a joke, while even MORE of a joke is the pathetic amount of wind and energy efficiency in this Dominion-written monstrosity. With that…here’s Dominion Dick, from his town hall earlier today in Falls Church.


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