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Video: Virginia House Republicans Get Red-Faced Angry at Del. Mark Levine’s Assertion That They’re Voting to Put Guns in the Hands of Terrorists, etc.


See below for video from yesterday’s meeting of the Virginia House Militia, Police and Public Safety subcommittee, in which Republican members – on a party line, of course – vote down several commonsense bills aimed at reining in gun violence in this country. The bills “PBI’ed” (“passed by indefinitely,” aka “killed”) included HB 41 — a bill to ban “Mechanical devices designed to increase the rate of fire of firearms; penalty,” aka “bump stocks”, HB721 (universal background checks), HB977 (universal background checks) and HB1373 (universal background checks).

Also, check out Del. Mark Levine’s comments about how in states which require universal background checks, there are far fewer gun murders and suicides, “and that’s why law enforcement strongly supports this.”

Del. Levine added that “if you vote to [kill] this bill, let’s be very clear what you’re voting for; you’re voting for giving guns to bad guys…a vote to pass this by is a vote to say, ‘we want terrorists to have guns, we want MS-13 to have guns…if this bill is passed by, you’re voting to give guns to gang members, you’re voting to give guns to domestic violence abusers, you’re voting to give guns to very dangerous people that none of us would want in this room with a gun right now.” All 100%, demonstrably true. Which might be why Delegates Tommy Wright (R) and Nick Freitas (R) reacted in the ad hominem, “butt hurt” way they did — because they don’t have actual, fact-and-reality-based arguments to make.

Del. Tommy Wright (R):  “I disagree with some of your comments very strongly…to accuse someone of taking a certain vote and being in favor of guns going to terrorists and so forth, I resent that; I think you probably owe this committee an apology.”

Del. Nick Freitas (R), who’s also a GOP candidate for U.S. Senate: “As someone who has a little bit more experience combating terrorism than a radio personality, I also don’t appreciate the suggestion that if I disagree with somebody on this particular bill, it somehow insinuates that I want firearms in the hands of terrorists…I move to [kill the bill].”  By the way, a person in the room told me that as Freitas delivered his tirade, his face was red and he was clearly super pissed. Very telling.

P.S. See below for a much longer video from the subcommittee hearing yesterday, including emotional testimony by gun violence prevention advocates, including a survivor of the Las Vegas gun massacre.

  • Harry

    The NRA, which is a terrorist group, controls the Republican Party, the Rs are petrified the NRA will stop funding them if they do somethging sensible.

    • A lot of the Rs, like Nick Freitas, also seem to agree with the NRA’s extremist positions.

    • Bill Mullins

      The NRA a terrorist group? Boy? What ARE you smoking???

      (Posted by a proud (multiple) gun owner how doesn’t hide behind a nom-de-net or first name only)

      • Harry

        Well, Bill, I’m nearly certain I have more guns in my three gun safes, plus I’ve been hunting for 61 years, you? I’m a 22 year US Army veteran, I’ll bet you refused service and are a coward. When I first became aware of the NRA in 1956, my grandfather was a member, the NRA’s constituent was hunters. Now it’s nothing more than a lobbying group for gun manufacturers, just follow the money. Ah, why no picture, afraid others will recognize the coward that you are…

        • johnmcv

          Jeepers creepers…….anyone else doubt haold’s veracity besides me?

        • Bill Mullins

          Does 10 years with stripes on my sleeves count as “refusing service”? I SEVERELY injured my back at MARINE OCS (I was on a track to be a pilot but the Navy Doc said if I ever ejected from a jet I’d be dead from the waist down – IF I survive the traumatic severing of my spinal chord) and the Draft Board classified me 4F – there no longer being a 1Y classification then. Two years later I threw away the 4F and enlisted in the USAF – where I did 10 years.

          I’ll see your “no picture” comment and ask why YOU only use a first name. What’s the old saw about glass houses?

    • johnmcv

      It must be wonderful to exist on the other side of reality…..I want to hang out with you,harold, where you stay at?

    • JD_D

      Your definition of a terrorist group is in left field. Does the NRA mfg & plant bombs or shoot any one? Yes they lobbied for Fuds like your grand father. After the NRA didn’t oppose the 1994 Clinton AWB there was a revolt of the membership for their failure to support the interests of all the members. Not just the Fuds. There are many 2A supporters that abandoned the NRA to GOA & 2nd Amendment Foundation. The firearms mfg’s & importers lobby through the NSSF the industry’s association. Your implication your arguments have more authority than Bill because you own more firearms; because you own 3 gun safes is specious. It could be Bill has a walk-in safe? P.S I own 3 gun safes. Also, using the appealing to authority argument by referencing the opinions of lifer brass hats might work with people who have no idea that only military members that are in or have been in the policing MOSS have any experience with policing or self defense. Also except for county sheriffs who are elected all other command level police officers support “Common Sense Gun Safety” regulations. Examples of this were in 2017 even sheriff in NM opposed a proposed universal background check law and in 2016 every sheriff in NV except for the Clark county sheriff ran adds opposing Question 1 the George Sorros Written proposition. The measure passed by 10K voter margin because of Soros spent $18M on the to campaign. The $50M+ of TV & radio advertising by HRC & HRC supporting Super PACs got out the vote for for her also increased the yes on Question votes. The language stating that the US DOJ was to perform the background check was a fatal flaw was deliberate; because in NV the NV DOJ does the background checks. If the measure had the NV DOJ do the check the measure would have had a revenue source or a budget appropriation. Maybe these gun grabbers were whistling past the graveyard hoping the Obama FBI would agree to do the checks & HRC would be the 45th POTUS. In Dec. 2017 the FBI said NO because they didn’t have the statutory authority perform this service for Point of authority states. The Jurno’s & so called Gun Safety advocates have been screaming since the AG stated that question 1 is null & void; because enforcing measure 1 would effectively preclude all private party transfers.
      Therefore would trigger lawsuits that the NV Supreme Court would rule for the plaintiff(s). The recommendation of the law’s supporters is for the legislature fix the law. Under the NV constitution a law by proposition can’t be changed or repealed for 3 years. That means the law can’t be changed until the 2021 legislative session, NV has legislative sessions every other year. The only way an enforceable universal background check can become law before 2021 is for the gun grabbers have to enough valid signatures for an valid measure to be considered & approved by the Legislature & signed by the Gov in 2019. This is not likely to happen; because, the most likely Gov. won’t sign it.
      P.S. Main voters voted down a similar proposition in Nov 2016. The HRC percentage vote margin was greater than in NV.

  • Kindler

    Love the reference to MS-13, LOL…

    • bluevirginia

      Agreed, nice one by Del. Levine, throwing this back in their faces.

  • Quizzical

    More info on the Kentucky school shooting
    It’s interesting that our lawgivers can never think of any legislation that will reduce our gun violence.

    • Quizzical

      Note that the article describes Florida legislation that was effective in reducing accidental shootings involving children.

  • True Virginian

    Thank God another Democratic failure. I wonder how many of these people have roots to Virginia? I love the buzz term commonsense gun laws. When those fail we need further commonsense gun laws. Why don’t Democrats protect our children in schools with armed law enforcement as we do in our communities? Why the push for outlawing bump stocks that one deranged individual used in a shooting that have been around for a long time that democrats are just learning exist? The shooter in Nevada followed all of the commonsense gun laws. Why not ban hand guns that are the number one weapon of choice that are used in violent crimes and have killed more people in the US than any mass shooting combined? Commonsense? Hmm.

    • Jerry Saleeby

      You mean like Nick Freitas who hails from California and has lived in Virginia less than a decade? Not sure having roots in Virginia has anything to do with your point.

      • True Virginian

        My point being the changing political tide in Virginia coming mainly from Northern Virginia, whose population is ever increasing, voting Democrat that are either not from Virginia or generation-ally have been here for a short period of time. As for using a single example such as Nick Freitas or multiple examples of migrants to counter a point is irrelevant to my main point. The mass population causing the swing in Virginia clearly don’t share the minority political points of the individual.

  • Del. (((Levine))) is, like all leaders of the Gun Confiscation Lobby, well funded and dead wrong.

    Defeating the bill helps keep Virginia southern.

  • Bill Mullins

    Would one of you rabid hoplophiles kindly educate me on the details of how a law restricting the otherwise lawful (and fully constitutional) activities of law abiding citizens is likely to affect the actions of scoff-laws?

  • Bill Mullins

    Do the slander/libel laws apply to state legislators? Publicly calling a colleague a “terrorist” because of how they vote in the legislature would seem to be slanderous or libelous to this observer. In a civilized society, the seconds of Del.s Wright and Freitas would already be contacting Del. Levine’s second to either demand a public apology or meet each of them on the sands.

    (Unfortunately, we do not live in a civilized society.)

  • henrybowman_az

    For those of you who overlooked the Democratic playbook on this issue, here it is.


  • AG Mark Herring: “58 Americans killed, another 422 shot, and yet “bump stocks” will stay legal in Virginia thanks to a Republican-controlled committee in the House. That is ridiculous and scary.”