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Virginia Democrats Blast Trump’s “Disgusting,” “un-American and deeply racist” “Shithole” Comments; Virginia Republicans Predictably Silent


See below for comments by Virginia Democratic elected officials and candidates about Trump’s racist, un-American “shithole” comments about immigrants from non-white countries. Also note that Virginia Republicans appear to be silent about this, just as they’ve been silent about so many other Trump outrages over the past couple years. Yet another reason to vote every single Republican on the ballot out of office this November.

Rep. Donald McEachin: “Disappointing, disgusting but not surprising. An apology is needed now.”

Virginia Congressional Republicans (Barbara Comstock, Scott Taylor, Tom Garrett, Dave Brat, Bob BADlatte, Morgan Griffith, Rob Wittman): As far as I can tell, absolutely silent.

UPDATE 12:20 pm: FINALLY a statement from Comstock, who clearly is super worried – and for good reason!
– she’s going to lose her seat this November.

Pitifully weak statement by Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA02)

“I keep thinking back on my trip to Haiti last August and my conversation with a bright young West Point graduate. He served honorably then returned home to Haiti to join the police force to help make a better life for his people and his nation. I hope for and will fight for an America that continues to be a beacon for young men and women from around the globe. And, one that continues to inspire them to take the risk to make a difference in this world.”

Weak statement by Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA07) as well:

There are three pillars that have made our nation great and attracted millions of immigrants from around the world to come here for a better life and to pursue the American dream. The Judeo-Christian tradition, free markets, and the rule of law.

America has always been a generous nation which currently welcomes more than 1 million people every year through a legal immigration process. These individuals are welcome to take part in our free market economy which has made us the wealthiest nation on earth. But our immigration system is broken and in need of major reform. Moving forward, negotiations must continue to fix it and return to the American tradition of the rule of law. Hopefully, these policy discussions will move forward in a civil manner worthy of our American values.

It doesn’t matter what country you come from, or live in, the Judeo-Christian tradition teaches us that all individuals are children of God deserving of dignity and respect.


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