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VA-02 Dem Candidate Shaun Brown Hits DCCC, Says She Will Run for Congress as Independent


I get the frustration in VA-02 with the DCCC foolishly weighing in the way they have for one candidate (Elaine Luria, who voted for Rep. Scott Taylor not once but TWICE in 2016). Having said that, I do NOT believe that it’s at all helpful for a Democrat (e.g., Shaun Brown; see statement below) to run as an independent in the general election, as this could be a very close race in November, where even 1% or 2% “bleeding off” from the Democratic nominee to the independent progressive candidate could hand reelection to the Republican, Scott Taylor. That would, to be blunt about it, suck. (Also note that a similar situation has happened in VA-07, where Helen Alli dropped out of the Democratic primary and announced she’ll be running as an independent, also in a district where the election in November could be VERY close…) – Lowell

Statement: Second Congressional District Candidate Shaun Brown

Today, I announce my intention to enter the November general
election and  not participate in the Democratic Primary on June 12th
for the second congressional  district since a democratic nominee has
already been pre-selected by the  Democratic Congressional Campaign
Committee (DCCC).  This has minimized the voice of voters.  My fight
for fairness for you starts now as the DCCC’s decision not only does
not respect the voice of the voter, it goes to the core of who we are
here in Virginia, the birthplace of our democracy. Democratic primary
candidates in the second congressional race like myself would
ultimately pay for an election that has been pre-determined. I believe
that a  fair primary election would have been best for all with all of
us coming together to support the winner.

Next year we will  celebrate the 400th hundredth anniversary of the
first representative government in this New World and the landing of
the first Africans here in the second congressional district both in
1619. No one but the people should choose who the people are.  That’s

I am running to bring about meaningful change to our district and to
our nation. That includes but is not limited to: Fair Elections,
Comprehensive Commonsense Gun Reform , Protecting and taking care of
our Veterans because they protect us every single day and ensuring
that our Seniors who have worked their entire lives do not live in
poverty after they retire.

Hampton Roads and the Eastern Shore deserves economic prosperity and a
member of Congress who understands the need for income equality, the
need to bring federal dollars to the district as well as the need to
rebuild our infrastructure  that will create jobs. I’m listening. Is

We must unite all of us not just some of us. This race is dedicated to
the 50th anniversary of the first Black woman to be elected to
Congress, Shirley Chisolm, unbossed and unbought.

As we return door to door collecting new signatures for the November
election , we will continue to expand our most inclusive campaign and
register new voters. We must unite a broad based effort to defeat the
Trump / Scott Taylor efforts to roll back the progress that we have
made in this country. Real progress means protecting our citizen
rights starting now, local prosperity that restores faith in our
government and a foreign policy worthy of the sacrifices of our
soldiers and veterans. That includes protecting our children,
environment and social security, addressing the rising sea levels,
fighting for free college tuition, addressing student debt and
correcting the daily problems faced by our veterans at the veterans
administration as we fight against racial and LGBTQIA  discrimination.

We have experienced  rigged elections before. Lets not make the same
mistake again. I believe we must work together to win together.
Certainly no one should stay home this November in this critical
midterm race. It will impact not only the congressional race but will
determine the U.S. Senate race. We must all vote to go blue.

I believe the people of the 2nd congressional district should have a
voice in determining who represents us in this fight for fairness in
our country. I am that voice now and will  be that voice for you in

Shaun Brown
Paid for and Authorized by Shaun Brown for Virginia


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