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Audio: “HearSay” Interview with R. Stuart Cake’s Widow on His Forged Signature for Shaun Brown


The story about a “deliberate and concerted effort by Scott Taylor and the VB Republican Party to meddle in the upcoming election” keeps looking worse and worse. Now, according to “HearSay” host Cathy Lewis in an interview aired a few minutes ago, paid members of Rep. Scott Taylor’s campaign…

“…collected signatures to help put independent candidate Shaun Brown on the ballot for the 2nd [district] Congressional race this November; Brown had previously run as a Democrat. Now comes news that four people whose names and addresses appear on the petition documents collected by the Taylor workers say they never signed them. Among those is a woman who says she was living in Nevada at the time the signatures were collected. A fifth signature appears to be from a man who died earlier this year, before the time frame in which the signatures were collected. His name was Richard Cake…his widow is a retired constituent services representative for Sen. Mark Warner, and Beth Cake joins us now.”

Check out the rest of the audio, which just aired, in which Beth Cake says the petitions are dated 6/9/18 and her husband passed away on April 6, “and even if they had been signed previously, that is NOT his signature…he had a beautiful handwriting…he probably would have signed it R. Stuart Cake, because he went by Stuart and very rarely used Richard except on bank documents and medical things and stuff like that, so there’s no way that could have been signed by him…everybody’s upset that anybody would use the name of someone who’s passed on; it’s very disappointing and it’s hurtful. I’m disappointed that Scott Taylor would allow his staff members to do that kind of thing. It’s alarming…”

Ironically, it’s Republicans who are almost always ranting and raving about mythical “voter fraud,” yet here we apparently have a case of some sort of fraud involving Republican petition signature collectors, it would appear. Hmmm…


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