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Barbara Comstock Attacks Her Own Constituents In Bizarre Rant 

On radio show that does not air in Virginia’s 10th District


The following is from the Jennifer Wexton for Congress campaign. Rep. Barbara Comstock is completely losing it.


October 18, 2018

Press Contact: Aaron Fritschner


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Comstock Attacks Her Own Constituents In Bizarre Rant 
On radio show that does not air in Virginia’s 10th District

LEESBURG – Yesterday Congresswoman launched into a bizarre rant in which she seemed to accuse her own constituents of making death threats and rape threats, without evidence. The comments were made on the John Fredericks Radio Show, which does not air on any radio station that reaches Virginia’s Tenth District. Comstock went on to call for “bipartisan leadership” moments after referring to a former House Democratic Congressman from Virginia as “abusive and miserable.”

Here is a partial transcript, from the 9:18 mark of the full interview:

“[Wexton] didn’t show up at any of the county fairs where you really meet with and talk with our agriculture community, and you have to understand the entire district, not just, um, her partisans that she has spent her time with, because this is the resistance crowd, I mean, look, you know there… the death threats, the rape threats, I mean poor Susan Collins, you know, is getting rape threats and attacks, and we have people who are getting signs mowed down in their front yards where people trench their yard and drive over a sign, and uh, they’re afraid to put up a sign and their neighbors will yell at them, this resistance crowd, and we’ve gotta have some civility here. Regardless of what Hillary Clinton – and by the way, Hillary Clinton is supporting my opponent too, along with, you know, the abusive and miserable [former Virginia Democratic Congressman] Jim Moran, and people like that, I mean this is a partisan crowd, and we need to have some bipartisan leadership here in our region.”

Earlier in the interview Comstock claimed that she had been unfairly maligned for voting with President Donald Trump 98 percent of the time. She did not dispute the figure, but told Fredericks, who was Trump’s Virginia chairman in 2016, that Trump has not gotten due credit for his “good policies that are making our country stronger.” Comstock had previously appeared on the John Fredericks Radio Show last week, delivering a series of fabrications, falsehoods, and lies, some of which she repeated in yesterday’s appearance.

The Wexton campaign neither participates in nor condones the vandalizing of signs. While some of our campaign signs have also been destroyed or vandalized with misogynist slurs, and Jennifer Wexton continues to be the subject of deranged, anonymous digital ads which label her “evil” and her supporters “brown shirts” (messages which the Comstock campaign has not condemned), we do not see these developments as reasonable cause to attack voters in the district or Barbara Comstock personally.


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