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Video: Virginia House Republicans VERY Offended at Being Called Out for Their “Dog-Whistle Politics”


We had a classic case of “thou dost protest too much” yesterday in the Virginia House of Delegates, after Del. Alfonso Lopez (D-Arlington/Fairfax) called out Republicans for their “dog-whistle politics” (aka, appeals to their racist “base”) via SB1156 (“Sanctuary policies prohibited. Provides that no locality shall adopt any ordinance, procedure, or policy that restricts the enforcement of federal immigration laws.”).

According to Del. Lopez – who is absolutely correct, by the way – this bill will only harm people, making immigrants less likely to report crimes, and in general making communities less safe. For no good reason, either (other than…yep, right-wing “dog-whistle politics”).

According to Del. Mark Levine – who is also correct – this bill is unnecessary, as it’s already not possible for localities to override federal law, per the U.S. constitution.

Well, that really set off Virginia House Republicans, including the insufferable, thuggish, hard-right Majority Leader Todd Gilbert (R), who whines/protests too much:

“Many of us have grown tired of that just because we favor something as simple and clear as the rule of law that we are racist. And that is what was just uttered on this floor with the term dog whistle politics. For the last week we have heard by implication suggestions that we are racist in some respect or another and I am tired of it Mr. Speaker. And if our friends and the Democratic caucus want to talk about racism they need to clean up their own house first, and we’re waiting for you to do that.”

Translation: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

This, from a leading member of the party of Trump, “birtherism,” the war on immigrants, “the wall,” assaults on voting rights and civil rights, hysteria over “Black Lives Matter” and peaceful protests before NFL games, etc, etc. Where’s Shakesepeare when you need him to call out these hypocritical, clueless, cynical jerks?


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