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Video: At 2019 VA Women’s Summit, Sen. Mark Warner Promises to Take “Get Things Done” Fan to Mitch McConnell

Warner marvels at how the Women's Summit has grown from like 7 people a couple years ago to many hundreds now.


See below for video of Sen. Mark Warner’s speech to the 2019 Virginia Women’s Summit earlier today (note: he was introduced by 2018 VA01 Democratic nominee Vangie Williams). A few highlights:

  • Warner promised to take the “Get Things Done” Women’s Summit fan back to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
  • Warner marveled at the number of people – participants, candidates, elected officials – at the Summit. He said “this is remarkable…a couple years back, this group started with like seven women coming together…”
  • Warner said that four of the top five positions in his Senate office “that run my life every day” are held by women, and “if I ever forget the power of women, I simply have to go home to my wife and three daughters…”
  • He reminisced about his “Mark not John” race against Sen. John Warner back in 1996.
  • Warner vowed to “finish the job” this year and “take back the House [of Delegates] and take back the [State] Senate,” as well as constitutional and local offices.
  • Warner said, many people are wondering “when do we get a break” from politics? The answer: “you get a break when Virginia and America are the Commonwealth and the country and we’re back proud of [them] again…”
  • Warner pointed out that Virginia is the “only competitive state that has elections in 2019,” so “if you want to send a message…to Donald Trump, then get out and work your hearts out this year…This is about 2019, but it is also about what drove you to be engaged in the first place…our country than what is coming out of Washington [these days].”
  • Warner ripped Trump: “This man has so little moral backbone that he doesn’t realize that if a foreign power tries to again intervene in an election, you don’t say to Vladimir Putin, thank you, you say, I’m going to tell the FBI…[Thank you] for what we will do next year when we send Donald Trump packing and we get rid of Mitch McConnell.”


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