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Domination: Virginia Democrats Crush Republican Fundraising In Top Races


From the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA):

Domination: Virginia Democrats Crush Republican Fundraising In Top Races 

RICHMOND, VA – It’s no secret that Virginia Democrats have an enthusiasm advantage over Republcians this year, mobilizing more volunteers, running in more races, and raising more money. New fundraising reports covering the months of July and August show this energy is only growing. Democrats in some of the most hotly contested races absolutely dominated their opponents, often doubling, tripling, and quadrupling their opponents fundraising and cash on hand.

“Republicans are getting out-raised and outworked. Even more, endangered Trumpsters like Kirk Cox, Chris Jones and Glen Sturtevant are now lying about their records and running on a Democratic platform. Their house is on fire,” said DPVA Communications Director Jake Rubenstein.

Below is a list of some of the most striking advantages Democrats have in just some of the most competitive races in the Commonwealth:


  • Josh Cole outraised Paul Milde nearly 5 to 1, raising $249,584 to Milde’s $50,619 and ending the quarter with $189,047 on hand compared to Milde’s paltry $15,247.
  • Kelly Fowler raised more than five times what her opponent, Shannon Kane raised: $135,345 to $30,815 and has $149,915 on hand compared to Kane’s $47,350.
  • Hala Ayala more than tripled Rich Anderson’s fundraising, bringing in $243,109 compared to his $47,940 and ending with a six-figure cash on hand advantage.
  • Danica Roem more than doubled Kelly McGinn’s fundraising, earning $143,072 to McGinn’s $63,896.
  • Larry Barnett more than tripled Roxann Robinson’s total, raising $158,989 to her $44,677.
  • Elizabeth Guzman more than doubled her opponent’s fundraising, bringing in $161,758 compared to DJ Jordan’s $71,174.
  • Schuyler VanValkenburg completely dominated GayDonna Vandergriff, bringing in $170,774 compared to her $29,304, and ending with a cash on hand advantage of more than $168,000.
  • Rodney Willett has more than twice the cash on hand of his opponent, Mary Margaret Kastleberg, ending the quarter with $174,986 to her $68,007.
  • Nancy Guy ended with a massive cash on hand advantage over Chris Stolle: $204,805 to $75,617.
  • Karen Mallard raised more than four times what Glenn Davis did, beating him $170,733 to $36,850.
  • Alex Askew ended with a six-figure cash on hand advantage over Rocky Holcomb: $179,108 to $67,894.
  • Martha Mugler completely crushed Colleen Holcomb, raising $210,598 and ending with $142,243 compared to Holcomb who raised $46,618 and ended with $10,405 on hand.
  • Shelly Simonds raised $216,321, crushing David Yancey’s $72,201.


  • Debra Rodman raised more than any other Senate candidate, bringing in $408,292 compared to Siobhan Dunnavant’s $273,482 and ending with a cash on hand advantage of nearly $200,000.
  • Missy Cotter Smasal raised $240,734 compared to Bill DeSteph’s $175,220.
  • John Bell raised $206,729 and ended with $303,376 on hand, crushing Geary Higgins who raised only $117,653 and ended with $122,804 on hand.
  • Amy Laufer continued to beat Bryce Reeves, raising $206,970 and posting $336,933 on hand while Bryce Reeves raised $178,800 and reported $321,499 on hand.
  • Ghazala Hashmi beat Glen Sturtevant $269,710 to $138,127.



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