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VA Dems Passes Resolutions Package 1,469-233; Includes Support for Climate Action, Universal Basic Income, Combating Racism, Rejecting Virginia Redistricting Amendment, etc.


The following package of resolutions passed by a 1,469-233 margin this weekend at the Democratic Party of Virignia’s 2020 virtual convention. The resolutions include ones such as the following (just to give a flavor for the breadth/scope covered): “Condemns Genocidal Actions of Nation States,” “Urges the Adoption of a Universal Basic Income,” “Urges Securing Workplace Protection for LGBTQ Employees,” “Urges Instituting a Federal Job Guarantee,” “Urges Equity and Excellence in Education,” “Urges Defending Climate and Ecosystem Support,” “Supports Measures to End the Undue Influence of Charles Koch at George Mason University And Establish Appropriate Policies for Private Donations to Virginia’s Public Colleges and Universities,” “Recognizes Racism Experienced by Blacks and African Americans is a Public Health Crisis,” “Endorses Mail-in Ballots as the Preferred Voting Method During the Coronavirus Pandemic and Other National Emergencies,” “Supports Comprehensive Environmental Legislation for Virginia Building Off of the Virginia Clean Economy Act” and “Rejects the Virginia Redistricting Commission Constitutional Amendment.”

P.S. This is clearly not a comprehensive package, as many topics (e.g., policing reform? immigration?) don’t appear to be covered at all. Most likely, it’s whatever volunteers happened to draft and submit. In general, it’s very progressive/left-leaning, probably to the left – maybe significantly so in several cases? – of many Virginia Democrats.


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