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Fair Districts PAC Formed to Oppose Virginia’s Redistricting Amendment

Vote NO this November and "push for a truly non-partisan and independent redistricting progress"


From Fair Districts Virginia PAC:


Richmond, VA — A group of concerned Virginians are launching Fair Districts, a political action committee to oppose Amendment 1 this fall. Amendment 1 is being promoted as an anti-gerrymandering measure, but in reality would enshrine gerrymandering in Virginia’s Constitution and ensure control of the redistricting process continues in the hands of elected officials.

With voting to begin within weeks, various individuals have begun to voice concerns about the flawed amendment. This week Linda Perriello, a well known progressive activist and former Chair of the Board of OneVirginia2021, announced her intention to vote NO on Amendment 1.

Members of Fair Districts will include Jamaa Bickley-King (Co-Founder, Chair & President of New Virginia Majority) and Chris Ambrose (Fairfax County businessman) as well as other members and supporters to be announced.

“There’s a false sense that this amendment is non-partisan redistricting or independent redistricting, when the reality is it is neither,” said Del. Lashrecse Aird (D-Petersburg). She continued, “Working with others, we will make sure that voters know that a yes vote on Amendment 1 will guarantee politicians will not only be involved in the redistricting process, but will still control the redistricting progress. We believe that voters should pick their representatives, not the other way around. To be able to make that happen, voters must vote no this November and push for a truly non-partisan and independent redistricting progress.”


Fair Districts PAC is a political action committee regulated under the Virginia Department of Elections. In the coming days, a website will be launched at www.fairdistrictsva.org. You can follow us on Twitter @FairDistrictsVA or on Facebook @FairDistrictsVA.

Paid for and authorized by Fair Districts. Not authorized by any candidate or campaign committee.

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Fair Districts is a political action committee active in the Commonwealth of Virginia working to bring true non-partisan, independent redistricting to Virginia. As such, its first agenda item is to convince Virginia voters to vote NO on this year’s constitutional amendment that would enshrine gerrymandering in the Virginia constitution.



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