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In Latest Ad, Spanberger Highlights Efforts to Support Central Virginia’s Rural Economy, Protect Farmers & Businesses


From Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA07)’s reelection campaign:

In Latest Ad, Spanberger Highlights Efforts to Support Central Virginia’s Rural Economy, Protect Farmers & Businesses

In Congress, Spanberger Has Worked to Pass Stronger Trade Deals for Central Virginia Farmers, Expand Broadband Internet Access for Rural Businesses, & Protect Critical Assistance to VA-07 Crop & Livestock Producers

GLEN ALLEN, VA — Rep. Abigail Spanberger released her latest ad, which highlights her work in Congress to strengthen the rural economy and protect the livelihoods of Central Virginians.

In “Rural Economy,” Spanberger emphasizes her efforts to expand broadband internet access and work with both parties to negotiate and pass the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) to support Central Virginia small businesses and farms. Additionally, the 30-second spot highlights her advocacy for additional relief funding for farms and rural communities.

“For years, politicians have ignored rural communities and their vital contributions to our economy and our country. That’s why I pushed to be on the Agriculture Committee, worked with Republicans and Democrats to pass the President’s trade deal, and led the fight to protect critical broadband funding,” said Spanberger. “In the last two years, I’ve listened to Central Virginians give their feedback on the lack of reliable broadband internet access — and I’ve pushed for stronger investments to close the digital divide. Especially as the COVID-19 crisis continues, we need to provide our rural communities with the support and protection they need to weather this current moment of uncertainty and succeed long into the future.”

Spanberger received the “Friend of Farm Bureau” award from the American Farm Bureau Federation for her support of family farms, rural communities, and the American agricultural industry.

Click here to watch the full ad.


Spanberger has worked to support and protect Central Virginia’s rural economy and communities by:

  • Negotiating and passing the USMCA to support rural businesses, farms, and workers. Spanberger was a vocal advocate for the passage of the USMCA trade deal after hearing directly from Central Virginia businesses, workers, and farms about the need for a finalized agreement. During negotiations, she met with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and Vice President Mike Pence at the White House to discuss the importance of the USMCA to the Seventh District’s economy.
  • Leading the charge to expand rural broadband internet connectivity. Last year, Spanberger introduced and passed bipartisan legislation to strengthen funding for the ReConnect Program, which provides investments in local public-private broadband infrastructure projects. When the Senate threatened to eliminate ReConnect funding, she led the fight to protect the initiative. A few months later, Spanberger announced $28 million in ReConnect investments for Central Virginia. Earlier this year, she helped introduce and pass legislation to provide internet access coast-to-coast and address the short-term internet challenges laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Pushing back against party leadership’s efforts to eliminate assistance to U.S. crop and livestock producers. In September 2019, Spanberger successfully pushed back against Democratic efforts to block continued Market Facilitation Payments — also known as “trade aid” — to farmers amid the administration’s ongoing trade wars. And last month, Spanberger fought for a federal funding bill to include an extension of the Commodity Credit Corporation’s borrowing authority, so that farmers and agribusinesses can continue to receive much-needed relief amid COVID-19.

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