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Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA08): “At long last, Donald Trump will leave office tomorrow… I was here through it all, and can attest to Trump’s historic legacy of failure.”


Some key points from Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA08) about the Trump presidency/disaster, in stark contrast to Trump’s wild lies…

  • “Trump will leave the United States with fewer jobs than when he took office, the worst record on the economy since Herbert Hoover departed amid the Great Depression.”
  • “Trump presided over historic poverty, student debt, and inequality. The rate of Americans without health insurance reversed a decade-long trend of decline and began rising again on Trump’s watch.”
  • “Trump was a failure on his own terms. His trade wars increased the trade deficit. The loss of manufacturing jobs worsened. When his promise that ‘Mexico would pay for the wall’ fizzled, he tried to steal the money from the defense budget. He never had a plan to replace the ACA.”
  • “Trump’s only legislative success was a tax cut that overwhelmingly benefited the wealthy, including those who wrote it, and exploded budget deficits while doing little for working Americans. His promises of job creation via a big infrastructure bill became “a long-running joke.”
  • “Trump promised bold action to address gun violence after the Parkland mass shooting, and promised to protect America’s clean air and water. Multi-million dollar industry donors bought him off.”
  • “Trump caused the longest government shutdown in American history, and then caved to end it without winning a single concession.”
  • “Trump degraded the office of the President with openly racist comments and acts, and with defenses of white supremacists.”
  • “Trump hired and promoted white nationalists who helped him design and implement bigoted policies designed to intentionally harm people of color, and many others.”
  • “Four years of Donald Trump’s foreign policy has left the United States isolated in the world, our friends alienated, and our alliances weakened as Trump embraced dictators and human rights abusers. Meanwhile, Iran and North Korea are pursuing expanded nuclear weapons programs.”
  • “Donald Trump’s never-ending attacks on his perceived enemies, including critics and journalists, and the mountain of lies he told in the process, sowed terrible division in the country, ripped Americans’ trust in their government to shreds, and incited violence.”


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