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Twice-Impeached Trump Weighs In Yet Again, Calls Glenn Youngkin “Great Candidate,” But Darkly (and Falsely) Hints That If Youngkin Loses to Terry McAuliffe, It Must Be the “‘Vote Counters’ in Virginia”


The conspiracy theories and all-around lunacy never end with Donald Trump, in this case his statement (see below) yet *again* praising 2021 VA GOP gubernatorial nominee Glenn Trumpkin…er, Youngkin, and also dissing 2017 VA GOP gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie for not “embracing” (in quotes for some reason) Trump or the “America First movement” sufficiently. Oh, and as an added bonus, Trump is strongly – and falsely – implying that if Youngkin loses to Terry McAuliffe, then it’s probably the “‘vote counters’ in Virginia, who Trump falsely claims “can be far more important than the candidate!” Dangerous, lunatic ravings…that, horrifyingly, most of the Republican Party has swallowed hook/line/sinker. Scary times…








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