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“Something of a gut punch…Youngkin seems out of touch with rural reality… Would hurt actual Republican constituents in rural Virginia.”

"When it comes to the economic challenges facing rural Virginia, [Youngkin] seems incapable of anything except clichés."


See below for a press release from the Democratic Party of Virginia regarding a new editorial by The Roanoke Times, which to put it mildly isn’t normally pro-Democratic (in fact, they love nothing more than bashing Dems and going out of their way to praise  and/or “both sides” Republicans). So when the Roanoke Times editorial board rips Glenn Youngkin’s disastrous economic agenda as a “gut punch,” “out of touch with rural reality,” etc., you know it’s gotta be REALLY bad! Of course, Youngkin is the guy whose senior economic advisor is the infamous Stephen “Trumponomics” Moore, who among other things said “I’m a radical on this. I’d get rid of a lot of these child labor laws. I want people starting to work at 11, 12”; who called those with concerns about climate change ‘Stalinistic’ and has accused climate scientists as being part of a global conspiracy; who played a major role in trashing Kansas’ finances, schools, etc. Just imagine putting someone like this in charge of Virginia’s economy?!? Shuddderrrr….

Yet Another Editorial Board Slams Glenn Youngkin’s Disastrous Economic Agenda

“Something of a gut punch…Youngkin seems out of touch with rural reality… Would hurt actual Republican constituents in rural Virginia.”

Richmond, VA — Each passing day, it becomes increasingly clear that Glenn Youngkin’s right-wing agenda would be devastating for Virginia. Last week, The Washington Post editorial board took a sledgehammer to Youngkin’s extreme economic plan:

“If Virginians want to see an economy run “into the ditch,” Mr. Youngkin’s plan would do the trick.”

Yesterday, Virginia Democrats called attention to Youngkin’s dangerous plans and the damage they would cause across the commonwealth. 

Now, The Roanoke Times editorial board is slamming Youngkin’s extreme agenda — even calling it a “gut punch” for rural areas. 

See below for key excerpts and read the full editorial here.

The Roanoke Times: Editorial: Youngkin’s economic plan is pretty disappointing

Glenn Youngkin, the blankest of blank slates ever to run for Virginia governor, has finally started to fill in some of those blanks on policy.

The result is pretty disappointing, and something of a gut punch for the rural areas that are the base of his own Republican Party.


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