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With Debate Tonight and Early Voting Starting Tomorrow, New Emerson College Poll Has Terry McAuliffe Up 4 Points; Mark Herring Up 6 Points

Too close for comfort...make sure you VOTE!


Terry McAuliffe up 4 points and Mark Herring up 6 points  (for whatever reason, they didn’t poll for LG) in this new poll by Emerson College is a lead, but too close for comfort. Do NOT take this election for granted! For a list of all the Virginia 2021 gubernatorial polls so far, see here.

  • Democrat and former Governor Terry McAuliffe leads Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin 49% to 45% among likely voters in the first Emerson College/Nexstar Media poll of the Virginia gubernatorial race. Two percent (2%) of voters plan to vote for someone else, and 5% are undecided.”
  • “Men break for Youngkin, 48% to 45%, while McAuliffe has the support of a majority (53%) of women voters.”
  • “Looking at educational attainment, voters without a college degree break for Youngkin 50% to 43%, while voters with a college degree are more likely to support McAuliffe, 55% to 39%.”
  • “McAuliffe performs well with voters of color, capturing the support of 56% of Hispanic voters, 63% of Black voters, and 75% of Asian voters in the state. Conversely, Youngkin has the support of the majority (51%) of White voters.”
  • “Youngkin leads with Republicans (82% to 15%) while McAuliffe leads with Democrats (90% to 6%). Among Independents, the majority (54%) support Youngkin, compared to 35% who support McAuliffe and 9% who are undecided.”
  • “Youngkin is strongest in the Western region of Virginia, where he has the support of 60% of voters, and the Southern Coastal region, where he is at 55% support. In comparison, McAuliffe does best in the Northern region, with 63% support, and the Southeastern region, with 64% support.”
  • “In the race for Attorney General, Incumbent Mark Herring leads Republican challenger Jason Miyares, 47% to 41%, while 2% of voters choose someone else and 11% remain undecided. Of those undecided, 58% lean in favor of Herring, and 42% lean in favor of Miyares.”

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