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VA Dems Chair Susan Swecker: “We are proud of the progress we have built. Now, the fight for Virginia’s future begins”


From DPVA:

A Statement From DPVA Chair Susan Swecker 

Richmond, VA – Today, Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement on Virginia’s election results:

“I want to thank Terry McAuliffe, Hala Ayala, Mark Herring and Democrats down the ballot — we are grateful for their unwavering commitment to public service, Democratic ideals and to the people of the Commonwealth. I also want to send my deepest thanks and gratitude to the many wonderful volunteers and campaign staff who poured their hearts and souls into Virginia every day on the trail over the past year.

“Virginia Democrats ran hard-fought, laser-focused campaigns centered around improving the lives of Virginians by raising the minimum wage, investing in education and providing paid family leave for all working families.

“Today, thanks to Democratic leadership, the Commonwealth of Virginia is better, stronger and more prosperous than it was eight years ago. More than 550,000 people have health care. The title of number one state for business was earned – twice – as jobs were created and families across Virginia were lifted up. A world-class education system was improved and advanced. Voting rights were protected and expanded. Gun safety and criminal justice reforms were passed. Reproductive rights were protected – and the list goes on.

“Even though the results were not what we wanted, I’m proud that a record number of Virginians took to the polls and exercised their sacred right to vote. Free and fair elections are a fundamental principle of our democracy, and we saw the results of that this Tuesday.

“We are proud of the progress we have built. Now, the fight for Virginia’s future begins, and the DPVA will be right there leading the way to keep our Commonwealth moving forward.

“We are looking ahead to the Virginia that can be, all of us invested in protecting the progress that has been made, and all of us committed to ensuring progress continues.”



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