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Former Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn Responds to Speaker Todd Gilbert’s “Offensive” Attack on Gov. Ralph Northam: “your statement yesterday was not just wrong, but it was reprehensible”


Last night, Gov. Ralph Northam delivered his final State of the Commonwealth address. The address was substantive, positive, upbeat, gracious and classy. The same can’t be said for the remarks by Speaker Todd Gilbert (R), who took to Twitter and wrote the following, mean-spirited remarks:

Ralph Northam is leaving office as his own lost cause, condescendingly lecturing us all from some assumed moral high ground because he read the book ‘Roots’ and then went on a non-stop reconciliation tour. Saturday can’t come fast enough.”

Not surprisingly, many have responded to this offensive, bizarre tweet, including Senate President Pro Tem Louise Lucas, who wrote:

Tonight I sat on the rostrum to represent the Senate as President Pro Tempore, while @cToddGilbert represented the House as Speaker. We represent the fork in the road Virginia will chose from in 2023. RT if you stand with me and the Senate progress and don’t want more of this.”

Now, former Speaker and House Democratic Leader, Del. Eileen Filler-Corn, has responded, as you can see in the following video. According to Del. Filler-Corn:

“Yesterday, [Speaker Gilbert’s] words on Twitter, written during the governor’s speech, did not live up to that oath. The truth is, Mr. Speaker, people are pained by the words that you put out yesterday. I am hurt. Members of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus are hurt. Members of the Democratic Caucus are hurt. And people across the Commonwealth are hurt and have expressed such to many of us. I cannot stand silent, remain silent, when hurtful, divisive words are used in this chamber. They have no place here, especially not from the sacred dais…I must, and I will, speak out, because silence abets hate…Mr. Speaker, your statement yesterday was not just wrong, but it was reprehensibleYour comments yesterday would have been offensive in any private or public place in the Commonwealth of Virginia. But to believe that it was acceptable to do it from this seat of power has even greater ramifications all across the Commonwealth. Yesterday, Mr. Speaker, your words failed to live up to the duty that we all have to this Commonwealth. Unfortunately, there are some who are ok with what was said…but that does not make it right. It is my sincere hope that from this day forward, we can return to the purpose-driven, vision-driven tone and leadership that led to a more open, welcoming and prosperous Commonwealth.”



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